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Guide to Playing Hanabi in Mobile Legend

Hanabi mobile legends become one of the Marksman heroes in the Mobile Legends game which has damage tall. Hanabi has burst damage very high mass, super crowd control, lifesteal height, and crowd control. The performance of this hero will be felt during the match on late game phase.

Damage what he usually gives can be as big as Irithel and Moskov, the characteristics of this one hero are very similar to Odette, which has damage which is area and so suitable for use team flight. If you are interested in using this hero on mobile legends, then you should first learn about this Hanabi.

Skills Hanabi Mobile Legends

hanabi skills

Here are some skills owned by Hanabi mobile legends what you should know:

Passive Skills – Ninjutsu: Equinox

When Hanabi’s HP is full, 50% of the HP obtained from lifesteal will be converted to shield up to 20% of its maximum HP. In essence, he will get shield when the blood is full. When shield active, then Hanabi will be immune to all effects crowd control enemy and also movement speed which increases by 30 points.

Skill 1 – Ninjutsu : Petal Barrage

Hanabi will get 8% physical lifesteal permanently upon activation skills 1. On every skills is leveled up, physical lifesteal which can increase by approximately 2%. This method makes physical lifesteal which we will later get from skills this is as much as 18% at Max level.

Skill 2 – Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll

Hanabi will add energy scroll in the direction that we will later target, giving physical damage as much as 400 + 80% in total physical ATK to opponents in its path and inflict effects show against them by 40% in about 2 seconds.

For each attack that hits the target, Hanabi will be able to recover around 140 points. The amount of Mana that will be recovered will decrease when the attack hits multiple opponents.

Ultimate Skill – Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana

Hanabi will throw the Higanbana in the targeted direction and the Higanbana will fully bloom when it hits the target, giving physical damage of 400+ in total physical ATK and effect immobilize against the opponent for 2 seconds. Effects caused by ultimate skills it will spread to the closest enemy and will only be affected once. If the opponent is within Higanbana’s range, then another Higanbana will bloom and result in immobilize and the sum of damage which will be given will be the same as before.

How to Play Hanabi Mobile Legends

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If you want to be successful in fighting there how to use Hanabi mobile legend the most appropriate and also effective.

Avoid Hero Assassin

Although originally a ninja, Hanabi is a fairly slow Hero. Fingers make sure you are always alert when facing agile heroes like Assassin. If this happens later, then quickly take cover behind the strongest friend, such as a Tank-Type Hero.

Focus on Farming at the Beginning of the Game

Don’t be in a hurry to use Hanabi at the beginning of the game. Just focus on farming so that your Hanabi can have it faster skills. Increase your aggressive attitude when you’ve been through skill 1 and collect some build items important.

Choose the Most Appropriate Time to Use Skills

Skills 1 this has damage small, so you can use them to clean up the Minions. Skills 2 is able to take out the most powerful Hero, but is more likely to be effective when they are idle. You can start aggressive and beat your opponent by using skills 3 in the last phase, especially during team fights.

Play in a Patient Way

As previously mentioned, because Hanabi is quite slow, try to always play patiently, and let the team know if you can tank who always escorts Hanabi, especially Hanabi is not a fast hero kill in his jungling. You can ask for help tank to speed up getting the items needed.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Item

This item is also very influential, try to use balanced items, for example if you add SPEED Hanabi then wear the right shoes, so that the attack speed is also good then use items to increase pain, and to increase maximum lifesteal also use the right and last item use items if you want to do maximum duels.

Don’t Do war At Levels Below 5

Especially for levels that are still below 5 because this Hanabi will be so easy to catch and if it has been caught especially until it is killed it will be able to slow down Hanabi in collecting the items needed later.

Items Defends

It is actually a tentative itemsdepending on who the opponent is, if later the opponent has a super sick Hero, then it’s best to activate items defends as immortal. If later it turns out that the enemy Hero who is sick, activates the Mage Type items defends.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hanabi

hanabi skins

Just like all heroes, Hanabi mobile legends also has many advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is definitely in terms of attacks using scatter effects or burst. Increasingly skills Hanabi, the bigger the effect damage that will be generated. This will be very suitable to help your team in finishing the fight against opponents who are so weak but quite troublesome.

Unfortunately this Hanabi is indeed quite weak and also slow in duration at the beginning of the match. You will need a long time to do farming while keeping Hanabi from getting caught up in the battle. Hanabi is more likely to waste Mana, especially when activating skills 1 and 2. You must be on target when attacking so that Mana will not run out in vain.

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