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Guide to Choosing the Best Atlantica Online Mercenary

Atlantica Online is a tactical MMORPG game that has a way of playing with a system turn-based. Here, you don’t just have to choose the main character. However, you need to do Atlantica Online mercenaries recruitment. Existence mercenaries very important because it helps you in doing battle during your adventure.

There are many Atlantica Online mercenaries list that you can recruit. It’s just that you can’t recruit all the characters mercenaries the. Furthermore, you can enter them in a battle formation with a maximum of nine characters. In total, there are 70 characters mercenaries which you can choose.

Don’t Carelessly Choose Atlantica Online Mercenaries

atlantica online mercenary list
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Atlantica Online Presence mercenaries list The long one gives you the freedom to make choices. The reason is, you have limited space in recruiting mercenaries. At the start of the game, you can only recruit two mercenaries. The number also increases as the level increases and the maximum is eight mercenaries.

There are various losses that you will get when you make the wrong choice mercenaries. You will have difficulty fighting, both in PvE or PvP. In addition, the arrangement of the wrong formation also affects your speed efforts to increase the level of the character. To be effective, you need Atlantica Online mercenaries guide right.

Tips for Choosing Mercenaries Best in Atlantica Online Games

atlantica online mercenary recruitment
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So that you can get the right formation composition, there are three Atlantica Online mercenaries guide that need to be considered, namely:

1. PVP or PVE?

The first factor you need to pay attention to when setting up a formation with para mercenaries is a style of play. You can build party which have special powers when used to fight other gamers (PVP) or monsters (PVE). Another option, you can arrange a balanced formation.

Regardless of the choice, you need to make sure that the composition of the characters in the formation must be balanced. You have to place mercenaries tanks stationed in front line. Also, consider using mercenaries capable of attacking long distances and providing protection.

2. Considerations for Choosing Mercenaries Hard to Get

You will notice that there are several Atlantica Online mercenaries list which can be obtained easily. On the other hand, there is also mercenaries which you can only get in certain ways. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you put your choice on mercenaries which are relatively difficult to obtain.

The thing you need to know, there are various ways you can do to recruit mercenaries. Sometimes, you can get mercenaries by completing quests. However, there is also an Atlantica Online process mercenaries recruitment that can only be done by purchasing at the Market, gifts eventsas well as Item Mall.

3. Total Cost of Ownership

The third tip is total cost of ownership. In simpler language, you need to consider the effort or costs that need to be paid for recruitment mercenaries. In connection with this one factor, you need to know that Atlantica Online mercenaries list divided into four gradefrom A to D.

Mercenaries those included in category D are characters that you can recruit easily. In addition, you will not have difficulty maximizing the level. Example mercenaries grade The D’s that you can get at Atlantica Online include Shaman, Gunner, Archer, Spearman, and Swordsman which can be obtained for 5,000 gold.

The situation will be very contrasting when you choose mercenaries grade A. You will need a lot of money to level up and develop skills mercenaries the.

Then, what mercenaries grade A is always the best choice when playing Atlantica Online? The answer is, not always. There are many other factors that influence, including the suitability of the formation. Therefore, you should not put forward grade mercenaries when recruiting.

Instead, you can be more flexible in blending various grade mercenaries. You can adapt the recruitment process to your individual abilities.

Recommendation Mercenaries Best in Atlantica Online

atlantica online mercenary guide
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Taking into account the various factors already mentioned, there are three mercenaries which in particular could be the first choice. Tiga Atlantica Online mercenaries these are:

1. Rin

Atlantica Online Recommendations mercenaries The recruitment that you must do is Rin Puppeteer. This character belongs to the category mercenaries grade B who uses a weapon in the form of a power saw. You can recruit Rin quite easily. Rin can be found in the Market and can be used from level 1.

Rin is a very valuable asset in Atlantica Online’s formation mercenaries that you have. This character has the ability to attack melee. At the same time, his Empowering Control skill allows ranged characters to attack 2 times in one round.

2. Guan Yu

There are also options mercenaries grade A best, General Guan Yu. This character is known as master of the spear. His skills make Guan Yu a character mercenaries versatile.

You can use the AoE Green Dragon Glaive skill to attack the enemy thoroughly with damage tall. Besides, you can also place Guan Yu properly tanker on the front thanks to skill debuff Green Dragon’s Rage.

3. Warlord

Finally, you need to prioritize the use of mercenaries Warlord Khun Phaen. This character belongs to the category mercenaries grade B and use a weapon in the form of a sword. The advantage of Warlord is his ability to combine melee and magic attacks.

The Thunderbolt Slash skill from Warlord is very interesting because it can be used to attack enemy lines with damage tall. Not only that, you can also use the Demoralize skill to debuff. Warlord characters can only be recruited through use Mercenaries Selection Summon Marble.

Well, that’s information about Atlantica Online mercenaries guide which can help you play the game more fun. To increase strength mercenaries to the maximum, you need to increase the level.

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