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Guide Hero Fanny Mobile Legends 2022, Jungler Who Can Dominate the Game Games

There’s no way I can walk!” – Fanny

Fanny is a hero with a high level of difficulty, she is an assassin with high mobility and burst damage. Several years ago, this hero was often used by Oura and Jess No Limit in the competitive realm of MLBB. However, after several nerfs, Fanny became a rarely seen assassin. However, after using his energy in the buff, Fanny is now the tire and priority pick for almost all MPL ID Season 9 teams.

In this guide, we will discuss Fanny’s best skills, builds, items, and emblems. For those of you who want to master Fanny’s hero in 2022, this Fanny Mobile Legends 2022 guide will be very useful.

Fanny Skill Explanation

Even though Fanny looks difficult or complicated to play, this hero only has one passive skill and three active skills. However, Fanny is generally different from other heroes. Without using mana, this Assassin hero uses energy as his skill cost. The following is an explanation of these skills.

Passive: Air Superiority

Based on her flight speed, Fanny’s damage increases by 15% to 30% and leaves a Prey Mark on the target (up to 2 stacks) each stack recovers 10 energy when she inflicts damage on an opponent with a Prey Mark

Skill 1: Tornado Strike

Fanny swung her sword, dealing massive damage to nearby enemies. This skill is Fanny’s main damage.

Skill 2: Steel Cable

Fanny threw the cable that was pulling her into the first wall/turret she went to. Fanny can use this skill to successively change her flight direction. When she has enough energy, she will automatically use Tornado Strike against enemies in her path.

Steel cable is the main skill that must be mastered to maximize Fanny’s hero potential. Because this skill has no cooldown, Fanny can freely move around the map. In addition, this skill can also be spammed to inflict damage to the enemy by using Tornado Strike. However, Fanny’s energy needs to be considered, because using two skills at the same time can make her energy wasteful

Ultimate: Cut Throat

Fanny blinks and deals damage to the opponent. Each Prey Mark stack on the opponent will increase skill damage by 20%. This skill is usually used at the end of a combo or when the opponent has low HP.

You can find a more detailed explanation of Fanny’s abilities in the game or on the MLBB official website.

Combo Skill Fanny

Steel Cable -> Cut Throat -> Tornado Strike

Although often dubbed the hardest hero, combo Fanny is actually very simple. You can simply use Steel Cable repeatedly to inflict damage to the opponent with Tornado Strike. To close comboyou can wear Cut Throat as well as Tornado Strike to do blink and give damage to the opponent.

Fanny’s Emblem

Fighter Emblem – Festival Of Blood

Festival of Blood is talent emblem that can give spell vamp tall one. With this emblem, the ability sustain Fanny will increase every kill. For talent points others, you can choose physical attack as well as physical PEN for damage addition.

Jungle Emblem – Mage Killer

For playstyle who are more concerned with the objective, Fanny can use talent emblem jungle, Mage Killer. With enhancing effect damage to Lords, Turtles, and Turrets, securing the objective would be very easy.

Build Items Fanny

1. Tough Boots/Warrior Boots

The old CC effect is the only one counter Fanny’s high mobility. To minimize the effect of CC, Tough Boots can be used. This shoe features a unique passive, Fortitude. This unique passive can reduce the received CC effect by 30%.

Not only that, Tough Boots can give magic defense addition. However, if the enemy hero has no CC effect or magic damage a lot, Fanny can use Warrior Boots to physical defense addition.

For Jungle Blessing Equipmentyou can choose Ice, Flame, or Bloody Retribution accordingly playstyle.

2. Blade of the Heptaseas

Fanny is a hero who relies on burst damage in laning phase/early game. Therefore, Blade of the Heptaseas is suitable in-build as items first after shoes because the price is cheap. Items It also provides a unique physical PEN attribute, an attribute that serves to penetrate defense and give damage higher than the enemy.

In addition, Blade of the Heptaseas has a unique passive that can strengthen basic attack if you do not receive or give damage for five seconds. Basic attacks strengthened can give physical damage extras and CC effects slow by 40% to the target for 1.5 seconds.

3. Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax is items which is very simple. Although items it has no unique passive, unique attribute items it gives spell vamp as much as 20%. For Fanny users who want to have spell vamp and ability sustain tall when playing Fanny, items This is very suitable forbuilds.

4. Malefic Roar

Because damage High fanny, there is a high probability of the opponent using the item defense. Malefic Roar is an item physical best tocounter physical defense. This item has unique attributes and passives that give physical PEN. Unique Passive items it can increase attributes physical penetration based on physical defense opponent.

Malefic Roar can also replace Bloodlust Ax for playstyle who don’t rely on spell vamp.

5. Item Defense (As Needed)

Fanny has physical base and magic defense The low one. Therefore, some hero burst those who have CC like Eudora, Saber, and Kaja can execute Fanny easily. To withstand burst damage the, defense items such as Athena’s Shield or Antique Cuirass can be used.

6. Immortality

Immortality is items which is suitable for all heroes. However, items it is very suitable for Fanny because of its high mobility. After using Immortal’s unique passive, Fanny can quickly escape from opponents even though she doesn’t have back up from a teammate.

Counter Hero Fanny

Crowd Control is a powerful effect forcounter hero Fanny. Some heroes like Franco, Khufra, Ruby, Kaja have a suitable CC effect to stop Fanny’s agile movements. Even so, Fanny was able to avoid skills by anticipating or waiting skills CC opponent cooldown before Fanny came forward.

Tips and Tricks You Must Know to Master Fanny Hero

Always Take Fenrir Blue/Thunder Buff

Thunder Fenrir, known as the blue buff, is a creep that can have a mana cost and energy cost reduction effect. This effect is very beneficial for Fanny who spends a lot of energy in a short time. Therefore Fanny is advised to always have a blue buff.

To maximize Fanny’s hero mobility, of course you have to use Steel Cable optimally. For that, you can get used to your fingers and practice freely at the Training Camp.

In addition, you can also see the cable direction in minimap to avoid “miss cable”. While this habit can make Fanny’s cable routing time longer, the more you use Steel Cable, you’ll get used to cable placement without looking. minimap.

Using Energy Efficiently/Efficiently

After mastering Steel Cable, the next step to mastering this hero is to use energy efficiently.

For novice Fanny users, using energy sparingly is one of the most challenging things. In teamfights, novice Fanny users often “miss the cable” and don’t hit the enemy with the Prey Mark. Because of that, Fanny’s energy consumption becomes wasteful even though she has a blue buff. The key to the problem is staying calm and not panicking. With a calm state of mind, you can predict enemy movements and minimize the chance of “missing cables”.


That’s the guide for Fanny Mobile Legends 2022. Of course, to master this hero perfectly, it takes a lot of practice and a lot of matches to find out more about the complexity of the hero. Although this hero is difficult to master, hard work certainly doesn’t betray the results

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