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[GUIDE HAYABUSA MLBB] The Agile Assassin Games

Hero Assassin Hayabusa users must know and master this guide. Listen and practice immediately.

Do you often use Hero Assassin or do you want to try Hero Assassin in Mobile Legends? we would recommend you to use the hero Hayabusa, a fast assassin ninja with shadow. Hayabusa’s popularity has continued over the years since its release. This ninja hero is categorized in a dangerous class in a 1 on 1 duel. Before entering the Hayabusa guide, we will first tell you about the Hayabusa hero.

He is the master ninja known as the Great Dragon, who lives in the Scarlet Shadow. Behind his greatness, the great dragon has a limited physical form. Because of this, he combines physical and spiritual energy – ninjutsu. As a result, the Scarlet Shadow ninja learns from him.

However, After the master ninja died, the ninjas of Scarlet Shadow were divided into two groups due to different understanding of ninjutsu: one was known as the Scarlet Sect and the other was known as the Shadow Sect.

Hayabusa belongs to the shadow sect because he is the second son of the shadow sect leader. Hayabusa was then appointed and sent to become a disciple of the Scarlet Sect as a form of educational exchange between the two sects. Growing up, Hayabusa was abandoned by his older brother to complete a ninja mission. Days passed and there was no news from his brother. Until one day Hayabusa’s father, with a sad face, gave the news that his brother had died in the task of hunting down the traitor thief Scarlet Shadow treasure named Hanzo.

Furthermore, Hayabusa was chosen to fight Hanzo someday. Because of this, Hayabusa was trained hard and given secret powers by the sect master. Finally, Hayabusa becomes the most powerful ninja who can handle many shadows and cooperates with Hanabi to capture Hanzo to the Land of Dawn.

After reading a brief history of Hayabusa, how strong is the Hayabusa hero? Here I share a guide for Hayabusa, a fast ninja assassin with this shadow, so that you can become a skilled and reliable Assassin in Mobile Legends. Check out the following reviews!

Hayabusa’s Best Emblem


Physical emblems are the best choice for beginners who don’t have a full set of emblems or are still at a lower level. This character also always has the highest level compared to other emblems. Therefore, the use of this character is considered flexible for all heroes, including Hayabusa.


The emblem that suits Hayabusa is Assassin. Because according to Hayabusa’s character, Emblem Assassin offers a special talent Bounty Hunter with the advantage that if you kill an enemy, you will get an additional 125 to 1250 gold


Because it is typical of hero farming at the beginning of the match and requires a lot of gold, jungle emblems can also be used in Hayabusa. The advantage of Veteran Hunter in Emblem Jungle can add 40 extra gold which makes Hayabusa much faster than rival Assassin heroes.

A Spell Suitable for Hayabusa


As a hero who needs efficient farming, Retribution can help Hayabusa kill jungle heroes faster and easier.


You can also attach this battle spell to Hayabusa. Because executing will make you kill your opponent faster with less HP remaining.


Stun is also suitable for Hayabusa, because it prevents damage or superior skill of the opponent when facing 1 on 1.

Hayabusa Build Set

Raptor Machete

Hayabusa is a hero who requires players to be good at farming kill monsters jungle at the start of the game to level up and have a lot gold. Therefore, Raptor Machete is an item jungle which can be combined with Retribution to kill monsters jungle or Turtle and Lord quickly.

Magic Shoes

An agile hero, Magic Shoes is suitable for Hayabusa to be able to do spam skills without having to wait cooldown long. Magic Shoes can add +40% Movement Speed ​​and +10% CD Reduction.

Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax can add +20% Spell Vamp and +70% Physical Attack. That ability is suitable for Hayabusa to fully utilize skills to kill the opponent. This item can also reduce cooldown skills as much as 10% which allows Hayabusa to take out everything abilities more routine.

Berserker’s Fury

This Critical item can make Hayabusa’s attack more painful and effective to the opponent. Berserker’s Fury can give +65 Physical ATK and +25% Crit Chance. In addition, this item has the uniqueness of adding +40% Crit Damage and adding 5% Physical Attack.

Hunter Strike

Hunter Strike is a useful item to increase the damage from Hayabusa’s attacks while fighting. The uniqueness of this item is the passive effect that can increase Movement Speed ​​by 30% within 2 seconds after attacking the opponent 5 times in a row. Not only that, Hunter Strike also adds 10% CD Reduction.

Rose Gold Meteor

Rose Gold Meteor can generate shield which can absorb 510-1350 damage when the blood is critical. In addition, this item also adds +60 Physical ATK, +30 Magic Resistance, and +5% Lifesteal which makes Hayabusa live longer in battle.

Blade of Despair

The last item that is suitable for use by Hayabusa is useful for reaching kill easily. Blade of Despair can add +170 Physical Attack and +10% Attack Speed ​​which makes the attack very fast.

Blade of Despair can add 10% Extra Damage to enemies and give abnormal statuses like stunned, knockedeven disabled.

This item is a key move! Buy time late game. You can change the Raptor Machete item to Blade of Despair.

Combo Skill Hayabusa

Use skill combos Hayabusa is actually not that complicated. You just play skills one and skills two to give damage to the enemy. Then, you can use ultimate skillsher as finishing.

Hayabusa Gameplay

Clear Lane Quickly

On early games, Hayabusa must be able clear lane quickly so that the movement becomes more effective. Because Hayabusa will not be effective if used for war at the beginning games.

Expand Farming

In the early game, players who use Hayabusa must respond to jungle farming to get a lot of gold and experience, which is useful for accelerating the formation of item sets. When farming, make sure to get buffs so that the use of Hayabusa’s skills is more effective.

Rotate and Chase Easily Killable Heroes

You have to play in a rotational style and do ganking to the opposing hero. Then, make sure to aim for the easiest opponent to kill first. With you being able to kill your opponent, Hayabusa will automatically grow faster.

Join War

Hayabusa as a hero core Of course you have to join war between teams. Because Hayabusa has damage large and can destroy his opponent.

Most Deadly Hayabusa Users in Indonesia:


Antimage is a player who is good at controlling Hayabusa. Pro player who are members of Onic Esports have been in Top Global 1 for Hayabusa hero with mmr 3678.


Because he is so good at using Hayabusa, Oura has the nickname “Father of Indonesian Assassins”. No exaggeration, because Oura is very reliable using Hayabusa. For proof, watch the video below!

That’s guide Hayabusa is a fast assassin ninja with shadows that you can apply and create skills played games Mobile Legends is getting better. Congratulations on being a fast assassin ninja with shadows!

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