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Guide Brody Mobile Legends 2022, The Strongest Gold Laner In META Right Now Games

Pain, is the proof that I’m still alive.” – Brody

Brody, who is usually used in Rank and MPL, is a META marksman because he has strong lane abilities and low counters. However, you have to read this guide Brody Mobile Legends 2022 to bring out its maximum potential

As a marksman, Brody has a high DPS (damage per second). However, Brody’s skill which has burst damage, CC effect, and far range makes him better than other marksman heroes. Therefore, this hero must be mastered.

For those who want to master this marksman, we will discuss about the best skills, combos, emblems, and builds in the guide Brody Mobile Legends 2022.

Guide Brody Mobile Legends 2022

Brody’s Skill Explanation

Passive: Abyss Corrosion

Brody can move when using basic attacks. However, Brody has a longer basic attack animation and a bonus for lower attack speed. Brody’s basic attack also gives additional physical damage according to his level. However, this additional damage will not be critical.

If his basic attack hits an opponent, Brody increases his movement speed by 30% (which quickly decreases by 1.2 seconds), leaving 1 stack of Abyss Marks on the opponent (maximum 4 stacks). Each stack of Abyss Mark increases the damage Brody deals to the target by 5% and his movement speed by 5%.

Skill 1: Abyss Impact

Brody unleashed a Shock Wave in the specified direction, giving a physical damageCC effect slow by 30% for 1.2 seconds, and leaving 1 stack Abyss Mark to the opponent.

When skills it hits multiple targets, enemies hit later will receive 10% damage addition, CC effect slow extra by 5%, and 1 stack Extra Abyss Mark (up to 130% damage45% CC effect slowand 4 stack). However, this skill only gives 80% damage to the minions.

Skill 2: Corrosive Strike

Brody did dash towards the opponent, giving physical damageCC effect stun for 0.8 seconds, and leaving 1 stack Abyss Mark on target. After hitting the target, Brody can do dash once again in the specified direction, obtaining movement speed an additional 45% which will decrease rapidly in 1.2 seconds.

Ultimate: Torn-Apart Memory

Brody targets all opponents within the range of his ultimate skill, giving physical damage to them. If the opponent has an Abyss Mark, Brody’s damage will be increased by 4% of the target’s lost HP for each Abyss Mark stack.

Priority Skill Level: Torn-Apart Memory -> Abyss Impact -> Corrosive Strike

For explanation skills more detailed, you can see in games or MLBB official website.

Combo Skill Brody

Corrosive Strike -> Torn-Apart Memory -> Abyss Impact

Before starting comboBrody can use basic attack to repay the enemy’s HP and leave the Abyss Mark. Then, you can start combo with Corrosive Strike. When the enemy is affected by CC stunyou can use Abyss Impact and basic attack to maximize stack Abyss Mark. To end comboyou can use Torn-Apart Memory which has burst damage and long range.

Brody’s Emblem

Assassin Emblem – Killing Spree

The assassin emblem has talent which is very useful for Brody, Killing Spree. Killing Spree can increase Brody’s survivability and mobility in team fight. Not only that, the assassin emblem also has attributes physical attack and physical Additional PEN that makes damage Brody is taller.

Battle Spell Brody

Flicker and Sprint is battle spells which suits Brody. Second spell this can make Brody avoid skills fight easily.

Flicker have the ability blink which can make you move places within a certain distance instantly, while Sprint can improve movement speed as well as make you immune to the effects of CC slow.

Build Items Brody

1. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots

Just like other marksman, Brody has HP attributes as well as defense The low one. For that, Brody can use Warrior Boots or Tough Boots that have the attribute defense. Because the price is cheap, second items this is effective for reducing damage given by the opponent in early game.

2. Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair is items with attribute physical attack highest. Because Brody doesn’t need attack speed tall one. Items it is suitable for upgrading damage Brody.

3. Malefic Roar

Thanks to its unique attributes and passive that can enhance physical PEN, Malefic Roar are items that are often used by heroes physical. With Malefic Roar, Brody was able to break through physical defense fight and give damage high to the enemy who used defense items.

4. Immortality

Unlike other marksman heroes, Brody doesn’t need much physical items to give damage tall one. Therefore, Immortality can bebuild earlier. Unique Passive items this could increase Brody’s chances of survival. In addition, Immortality also has a p . attributephysical defense and additional HP.

5. Hunter Strike/Demon Hunter Sword

Hunter Strike is items which can improve damage and Brody’s mobility. Items it has a unique passive that can add movement speed by 50% which decreases rapidly for three seconds.

However, if the opponent has a lot of tank heroes, Brody can use the Demon Hunter Sword as an alternative. Demon Hunter Sword can upgrade attack speed as well ascounter opponents who have high HP with unique passives.

6. Item Defense (As Needed)

To last longer in team fightBrody can use defense items like Antique Cuirass which can reduce physical attack opponent, Athena’s Shield that was able to minimize magic damage received, or the Brute Force Breastplate that can attribute movement speed, physical defenseand magic defense.

Brody’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong in Laning Phase

Its vast range is in Brody’s favor when dealing with enemies in lane. Not only that, Brody also has Abyss Impact, skills which damageThe value will increase the more targets are hit. As is wave minions in lane, skills it can be used optimally.

Weak against CC Effects and Burst Damage

Even though Brody can upgrade movement speedher with skills his passive, Brody remains vulnerable to burst damage and high CC effect. Because of that, some hero mages like Kagura, Xavier, and Selena can execute Brody easily.

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