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God of War 1 PS2 Cheats English

You’re looking for Cheats God of War 1? We’ll cover the totals in this regard below.

Who doesn’t know the name Kratos? The main character of God of War has indeed been present to the surface since several decades ago. Kratos himself made his debut through a game called God of War 1.

This game itself was first launched in 2005 ago. This game itself tells about Kratos’ journey as a demigod who fights the gods in Greek Mythology.

Gameplay that is not easy makes this game even more fun to play. In addition, God of War 1 also has some tips, tricks and Cheat Codes in it. In this article, Halogame will share it with you.

Curious? God of War 1 PS2 Cheats in Indonesian! Check below.

Other PS2 cheats:

God of War 1 PS2 Cheats English

EffectCheat Code
Unlock PowerCircle, Circle, X, X, L1, L2, L2, R1
Unlock Effect BladesX, Circle, Circle, Circle, X
Unlock All WeaponsR1, R2, Square, Triangle, Circle, R3, L3, L2

Unlockable cheats

UnlockableHow to open
A Secret RevealedFinish the Game in Spartan Mode
Kratos costumeComplete Challenge Of The Gods
Birth of the BeastComplete Game Once
Challenge of the GodsComplete Game Once
Character GraveyardComplete Game Once
CreditsComplete Game Once
Deleted LevelsComplete Game Once
God ModeComplete Game Once
Heroic PossibilitiesComplete Game Once
In-Game MoviesComplete Game Once
Monsters of MythComplete Game Once
Secret Message 1Complete Game Once
The Fate Of The TitanComplete Game Once
Visions of Ancient GreeceComplete Game Once

Now, That’s Cheat God of War 1 PS2 Indonesian. To unlock various premium features in the game, you must at least complete God of War 1 aka finish the game. In addition, there are also cheats that allow you to unlock power and effect blades.

sources: IGN

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