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go viral! Recommended Games Similar to Harvest Moon that You Must Try


Many from among gamers who still really likes games Harvest Moon. How not, this game was very popular in its time, namely in the 1990s to the 2000s. Not running out of ideas, some developers actually make games which is similar to Harvest Moon to attract the attention of lovers games who failed moveon. However, of course with the display of graphics and stories that are varied and refreshing.

You can play various games this is good on gaming laptops, PlayStation, as well as cell phones. For those of you who are curious about what games are similar to Harvest Moon and are interested in trying it, here we summarize in full.

  1. Komori Life

Games It takes the same background as Harvest Moon, which is a rural environment with various activities such as gardening, raising livestock, fishing, as well as interacting with local residents. What’s unique about games This one is a more modern time setting, you can even use your phone in this game. Unfortunately, this game is only available in Chinese.

2. TourofNeverland


One of the advantages of TourofNeverland is the player you can customize yourself. Similar to Harvest Moon but with a 3D graphic display that makes the game feel more real and has its own place for its lovers. Activities that you can do are farming, raising livestock, fishing, interacting with local residents, and even marrying one of them. Because games it’s based on on line, You can invite friends to join and sell farm goods.

3. Stardew Valley


If in terms of appearance and story, StardewValley is the most similar to Harvest Moon. The difference is, you will be presented with a world that is bigger and wider than in the Harvest Moon game. Harvest Moon indeed one of the best legendary games of all time, but this game is no less exciting than it. With the same theme and story, StardewValley can treat the longing of Harvest Moon lovers. You must try this one!

4. The Farm: Sassy Princess

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This game is set in the story of a princess who comes out of the palace and starts a new life in the village. By doing activities like other residents, games This requires the player to assume the role of a princess. His daily activities are buying plant seeds, then starting to plant, watering, to picking plantation products which are then sold for money. The princess was even willing to go to the forest to look for items that she could sell in the future. The money collected will be used to buy clothes and accessories. Come on, help the princess to collect more money!

5. Tiny Vale


story from games This is an adventurer who is interested and wants to settle down in a village. In the village he began to explore the village where he lived and found various mysteries in it. Apart from that, he also helps the villagers, cultivates crops, and fishes. The feel of Harvest Moon is still very deep games this and of course with a fresher style.

6. Doraemon Story of Seasons


Do you often watch the Doraemon series on television? You can enjoy Doraemon with a different sensation by not only watching, but controlling the players. Yes, this television series was made games that is Doraemon Story of Seasons. Games which is similar to Harvest Moon, is filled with various activities that the cast of the Doraemon series can do. What distinguishes it from the TV series is that the names of the actors have changed slightly, such as Nobita being Noby, Shizuka being Sue, Suneo being Sneech, and Gian being Big G. games This is no romantic theme at all. Players will only focus on getting a lot of points as a result of their hard work farming.

7. Marenian TavernStory


Games this has the background of the player as the woman who owns the bar. The economic difficulties that plagued him forced him to grow food items that he could cook and sell to bar patrons. Played gamesthis one must also be done regularly on line and you can invite your friends to help out in the plantation process and bring the bar back to life.

That’s a recommendation gameswhich is similar to Harvest Moon. From various recommendations gamesWhich one do you think is more curious to try? Make your choice and play now!

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