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Ghostwire Tokyo Becomes Tango Gameworks' Most Concurrently Played Game

Ghostwire Tokyo is the latest action adventure game from the Tango Gameworks studio which has previously worked on horror genre games.

The Ghostwire Tokyo game has also become one of the most anticipated by many people since its first announcement at the E3 2022 event yesterday, which is now officially released.

It didn’t take long, just a few days after it was released, now good news has emerged for the Japanese video game developer studio Ghostwire Tokyo.

Become the Most Played Game by Developers

This is known through the site Steam DB, which usually provides info or data about games released for Steam.

One of them is showing the number of players playing simultaneously for the game itself.

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It is shown that this game has been played by as many as 14,086 people simultaneously since the game was released on March 25 yesterday.

Unlike the games that have been done before which are horror games, namely The Evil Within and The Evil within 2.

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