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Gotham Knights Reportedly Has a Game Size of More Than 86 GB

Gotham Knights is one of the newest action RPG games from Canadian developer WB Games Montréal who previously worked on Batman Arkham Origins and the DLC for Batman Arkham Knight.

For those of you who are waiting for Gotham Knights, of course you can’t wait to download it first before playing the game.

However, the Gotham Knights game has now received unpleasant news

That is, there is news where if the size of the game will take up quite a large amount of free space.

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It is found through the site Steam DB which also usually leaks accurate information about the specifications of the games that will be released on Steam.

On the site, it is shown that the game will later have a size of up to 86.47 GB which is quite large.

Even so, players only need to download it around 56 GB.

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