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Get to know Skyler, the Superstar Character in Free Fire who has the Wall Destroyer Skill

The presence of a character in a games important to support the player’s goals. Not only the purpose of defeating the enemy, but also defending yourself on the battlefield. Therefore, the game battle royal Free Fire (FF) always features new characters that have skills spectacular.

If you’ve ever tried the Advanced Server version of FF in January 2022, of course you already know the presence of the newest character. One of which is mystery character who is described as a superstar. The character’s name was then inaugurated as Skyler—right in March 2022.

Skyler FF Garena’s Character Origins

skyler ff garena

Skyler Garena Free Fire is a collaboration between Son Tung M-TP and Free Fire. The collaboration was carried out by Free Fire server Vietnamese. The result, server Vietnam creates variety skin and mystery character superstar.

Mystery character superstar is described as not only a star, but also a company CEO. Therefore, the character is described as wearing a white coat, black shirt, neat hair, and is charismatic.

If you are interested in using the character, be sure to have diamonds (DM) about 170 DM. After doing top up diamondsGarena will put the character according to the player’s request.

Skyler abilities Free Fire can appear optimally if you play it in Clash Squad or Custom mode. The reason is, in this mode, players can issue gloo wall as much as possible. Certain skills This makes the enemy overwhelmed, even defeated on the battlefield.

Skyler Skills the awesome

skyler ability free fire

There are two types skills which you can play when facing enemies on the battlefield, namely skills active and passive. Here’s the explanation.

1. Skills Active

Skills active in the form of explosions in a radius of up to 100 meters with ultrasonic waves that get damage on GlooWall. When skills it hits any wall, it will pop healing which produces a certain amount of HP.

However, at one point, it happened cooldown skills active for about 40 seconds. Cooldown takes place when it reaches damage 20th at max level of every Gloo Wall.

2. Skills Passive

This character’s passive skill is in the form of HP that you get every time you use the Gloo Wall Grenade. The amount of HP increases gradually according to the level.

At level 1, Gloo Wall that is destroyed within about 50 meters can regenerate HP up to 4 points. After that, skills cooldown for 60 seconds.

Then, entering level 2, the Gloo Wall is destroyed at a distance of 58 meters. When that happens, the number of HP regeneration increases by 5 points with cooldown 58 seconds.

Continue to level 3, the destruction of Gloo Wall is carried out at a distance of 67 meters. After Gloo Wall is destroyed, HP regeneration increases by 6 points. Temporary cooldown skillsit lasts for 55 seconds.

Arriving at level 4, Gloo Wall can be knocked down within about 77 meters to generate 7 HP regeneration points. After that, skills direct cooldown 51 seconds.

For level 5, Gloo Wall is destroyed at a distance of 88 meters with 8 HP regeneration points. Then, cooldown skills up to 46 seconds.

Finally, at level 6, hero can destroy Gloo Wall within a distance of up to 100 meters. If Gloo Wall’s extermination is successful, HP regeneration is increased by 9 points. However, of course it still happens cooldown 40 seconds on skills this.

Advantages and disadvantages

skyler garena free fire

Every character games definitely have advantages and disadvantages. In order to win in the match, of course you have to complete these shortcomings. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this handsome character in Free Fire? Here’s the explanation.

1. Advantages

Superiority mystery character Free Fire January 2022 edition, which can be combined with other characters. Wolfrah is one of the most suitable character pairs when put together with Skyler. The reason is, Wolfrah is able to provide skills to increase damage when shot by the enemy.

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Another character that can complement is Jota. Hero Jota has skills to produce heal moment kill enemy use shotgun as well as SMG. Therefore, with Jota, you will defeat enemies in the arena faster.

In addition to Jota, Moco characters can also provide vision to monitor the enemy’s whereabouts when the player manages to give it damage. Thus, it is easier for your character to destroy Gloo Wall.

Another plus, the mainstay character in Free Fire is suitable for aggressive games. The reason is, the character can shoot Gloo Wall without using a weapon. In fact, the character is able to destroy five Gloo Walls at once.

2. Weaknesses

Despite having great strength, your character also has flaws that can make him invincible in the arena. One of them is that the character must destroy several Gloo Walls at a time. If it’s just one Gloo Wall, it’s definitely a wasted attack.

How to Play the Character

skyler skills

To win the battle, you need a strategy. The following are strategies that can be applied if you use mystery character superstar in Free Fire.

  1. learn Skills In detail

Every skills have different limits and how to play. If you can master it deeply, skills it will help the character beat the opponent. Mastery skills A good one can also protect the character’s defense to the maximum.

2. Spam Gloo Wall when Low MOBILE PHONE

Characters can experience low HP at a certain level in a match. However, your character has a Riptide Rhythm that can destroy Gloo Wall and restore HP.

So, use skills it is to do spam Gloo Wall for characters to get a certain amount of HP.

3. Play Safe

Skills your character has cooldown a few seconds. This can be an opportunity for the opponent to attack. Therefore, you should play it safe by strengthening the defense until cooldown done.

4. Attack when Enemy Gloo Wall builds up

When attacked, the enemy will make protection in the form of Gloo Wall. However, do not immediately destroy the Gloo Wall. Instead, wait for the Gloo Wall to collect.

If you see that there are enough Gloo Walls, use active skills to destroy. Later, the enemy will be destroyed because it is hit by its own trap.

That’s character Skyler which until now is used by many players Free Fire. You want to win faster in the battle arena? Come on, visit the UniPin site, find the best strategy, and top up to get this character!

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