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Get to know Harper Magic Chess, a Commander with Unique Abilities

As a developer games Legendary Mobile Legends, Moonton never seems to lose his idea to continue to attract the attention of MOBA game connoisseurs. Evidently, after achieving great success in fashion rank nor classic, Moonton again brings new innovations by releasing fashion magic chess. The uniqueness of this mode lies in the character called Little CommanderOne of which is Harper magic chess.

Moonton’s strategy in creating a relaxed game form makes fashion magic chess welcomed and full of enthusiasm by fans of the Mobile Legends game. Carrying the concept idle games, magic chess into a mode that is so easy to play, even for beginners. Not to mention with skills capable of every Little Commander and synergies that can be created into combo the strong one.

The uniqueness of fashion magic chess This is a battle arena in the form of a 6×7 chessboard. While playing, you will act as Little Commander which can control 52 heroes. Definitely exciting veryyes?

What is Little Commander?

commander harper magic chess

One of the hallmarks of fashion magic chess is the existence of a cute character called Little Commander. You will find this character on the lower left side of the game board. Little Commander has the main task as a strategist and has the privilege of attacking Commander enemies when your team wins the game.

Not only that, this character also acts as a representative of the player who provides information about the life that is described in the form of a HP bar. If this HP bar runs out, then you will be eliminated alias lose and can no longer continue the game.

Harper Magic Chess, Commander Unique Ability

harper magic chess skills

One of commander what you will get when you play in the mode magic chess as a new player is commander Harper magic chess. You can get Harper without having to buy it, alias it has been given personally default as commander first yours.

Little commander Harper has a shape like a slime in blue. Commander It is also equipped with a hat made of iron and a shield. As a companion, Harper is equipped with three unique and certainly capable abilities. However, you can’t get all three right away. At the very least, you need to raise experience Harper to level 3 to be able to take advantage of all skills-his.

Well, here are three skills Harper magic chess which you can use in the game:

  • Shield (level 1). Skills The first is included in the passive ability. Commander Harper magic chess will get a permanent shield that can absorb up to 10 damage in one game.
  • Block (level 2). To level 2, you can take advantage of skills block from Harper. Having this ability allows Commander Harper blocked damage which he got. Cooldown for skills This Harper is 15 round.
  • initiator (level 3). As well as Shield, initiator also be in shape skills When using it, Harper will gain 2 gold extra in each stage-his.

Later, for each level increase, Harper magic chess will be provided with skills the new one. When starting it, you can use skills level 1 first, that is Shields. Next, you can only use skills Block at level 2 and initiator on the last level.

New look Commander Harper in Mobile Legends

harper initiator magic chess

Apparently, Moonton has presented a new look alias remodel of character Harper magic chess. For sure, Si Slime this blue will not be slime tiny forever, right? So, what are the changes?

Harper magic chess the new model still uses the character slime. the difference, commander which you can get for free evolves into a cute soldier, complete with a hat, sword weapon, and a red cape. Of course, Harper’s strength will also increase.

Little commander Harper will be the best character that you can use to survive in the game as a beginner player. So, you can continue to hone your playing skills while improving your skills skills Harper until you are good at playing mode magic chess in the Mobile Legends game.

How to get Skins Commander Harper For Free

harper magic chess skin

For fans games Mobile Legends, get skin Of course, it’s a satisfaction in itself. Skins it will be very useful for players magic chess who want the latest look of the characters they have, one of which of course is Harper. Usually, Moonton will share skin for free on events certain. If you’re lucky, you can get skin Harper magic chess Chevalier for free. Wow, interesting huh? Then, how to get it?

It wasn’t difficult. You only need to play in the arena mode in the Mobile Legends game. Not only skin for commander Harper, you also have a chance to get one Little Commander for free! Very easy, right?

You are required to get as many points as possible when playing in arena mode. Even so, the number of points that you must collect is certainly not small. So that you can get skin Harper magic chess This Chevalier, you need to get at least 7,500 points.

There are two ways you can choose. First, try to complete the tutorial in arena mode to get Little Commander Benny for free. You don’t need a lot, you just have to play 2 games so you can get the prize. Later, you can use commander Benny to play in mode magic chess.

The second way is to keep playing in the arena mode and collect as many points as possible. After the points have been collected, you can exchange them for various attractive prizes, one of which is skin Harper Chevalier.

No need to worry, there’s still a lot events which you can participate in to get various cool prizes, ranging from skins, heroes, and various items other. Left behind events to get a prize? Don’t worry, you can buy it too skin to beautify the appearance of the hero by using diamonds. The method is very easy, you just need to do top up diamonds via UniPin. There are many choices of quantities diamonds and the payment method you can choose. Come on, make your hero look even cooler!

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