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Get to know Freya Mobile Legends stats to kill enemies

Want a strong brutal fighter on the front line? Freya Mobile Legends could be an option. As Hero Fighters, Freya’s fighting style is quite hard and brutal. Apart from having the ability crowd control, The updated Freya also has attack speed tall.

This doesn’t mean you can take your opponent lightly! Playing Freya had to use tactics for GG. Here’s a guide to playing Freya so you can kill enemies more aggressively.

Freya’s Emblem Choice

Freya's Emblem

Choosing the right emblem can give you the ability to support Freya’s fighting style. Custom Assassin is Freya emblem to add speed points, physical penetration and physical attacks. You can also get a time reduction cooldown up to 5 percent at level 60.

If you want to fight directly with the enemy, use the Custom Fighter emblem. Besides physical attacks, Freya will get extra points for armor and physical penetration. Custom Fighter also provides additional magic resistance which is not present in Custom Assassin.

Freya’s Strongest Spell

Freya's best spell

Freya can take advantage of spell to escape from the crowd and penetrate the opponent’s defense in thick armor, for example the Tank type. Here are some spell Freya’s best for you to try.

1. Flicker

Freya can use Flicker to escape in an instant, especially when being ganged up on. Flicker also gave Freya magic defense and physical defense for one second.

2. Purify

Purify removes all negative effects from enemy attacks. Freya can also gain an additional 30 percent speed for a second, plus control immunity.

3. Fury

Fury didn’t just increase Freya’s speed. You can use it before fighting an enemy that has armor thick and difficult to penetrate, for example from the Tank group.

Freya’s Ideal Combo Skill

Freya's Combo Skills

Increase Freya’s attack power by using skill combos right. Before that, know first skills mandatory that you must have.

1. Passive Skill: Power of Einherjar

The Power of Einherjar gave Freya attack speed extra every time he launches basic attacks. You will get one bonus stack speed every two attacks, but the max is only six stacks.

2. Skill 1: Leap of Faith

Attack the opponent using Leap of Faith, skills which allowed Freya to launch physical damage great for a specific target. Leap of Faith also allows Freya to give effect stun to the opponent for 0.5 seconds.

3. Skill 2: Spirit Combo

Use the Spirit Combo to “jump” forward four times, useful for quickly clearing enemy lines. Freya can’t only launch physical damage, but also get shield to absorb damage from the enemy. One attack slows down the enemy for 0.5 seconds.

4. Ultimate Skill: Valkyrie Descent

Valkyrie Descent makes Freya take out wings and gives you three stack Sacred Orb to upgrade physical damage. Valkyrie Descent also provides additional shielding plus the ability to destroy enemies at a more distant position with basic attacks.

To destroy multiple enemies effectively, use skill combos Freya following: Skill 1 + Skill 2 + twice basic attack + Skill 2 + twice basic attacks. Save Ultimate Skills only when you are ganged up or your blood is running low and you need to run fast.

Watch Out for These Counter Heroes!

Hero Freya Mobile Legend

As a formidable war goddess with the ability to give damage big, counter hero Freya are Heroes who have high immunity or are able to lock their movements. Here are some of them.

1. Aldous

As a fellow Fighter, Aldous is able to match Freya because he has the ability to give physical damage. The advantage is high defense that can neutralize Freya’s attacks. He was also able to catch up with Freya from a distance.

2. Wanwan

Wanwan is a Hero Marksman with agility and agility that can even match Freya. Wanwan was even able to keep Freya and her Sacred Orb from moving because she was able to dodge and attack with more agile movements.

3. Khufra

Khufra is a Hero Tank who can lock Freya’s movements because of her abilities crowd controlis quite high. If alone, Khufra can’t match Freya’s ability to launch damage. However, Khufra can be dangerous if he competes with Hero Marksman in his team.

4. Guinevere

Players who are good at taking advantage of magical damage Guinevere can frustrate Freya’s players. As a fellow Fighter, Guinevere can not only launch burst damagebut can also lock Freya’s attack with knockout.

5. Diggie

Even though he looks cute, Diggie turns out to have a skill that can annoy Freya. Diggie has the ability crowd control which could overwhelm Freya. Diggie is also a support fighter which could prevent Freya from finishing off targets on the opposing team, making it easier for them to escape or fight back.

Extra Tips for Freya’s Victory

Counter Hero Freya

The awesomeness of Freya’s ability does not necessarily make you relax! Here are some tips to play Freya Mobile Legends so you can GG.

1. Play Hide-and-Seek before Ambushing

If Freya you are still at a low level and trapped in war, You don’t have to show up too often. Hide as often as possible in the bushes and ambush the enemy using Freya’s skills to lock on the target. Save your Ultimate Skill only in times of urgency, for example when you are beaten and hard to escape.

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