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Get to know Chrono FF, the Character Who Can Restore the Free Fire World from Chaos

At the end of 2022, Free Fire (FF) changed its appearance to be more futuristic and at the same time launched characters games new. The character named Chrono is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo. Because of that, Chrono FF wearing the typical football player outfit with the number 7 on the back of the shirt.

Chrono character started to be used by player FF on December 16, 2022. As a promotion at that time, players could buy characters for only 100 diamonds or Rp. 16,000. But now, to get bundle Chrono character pack, diamonds more should be issued.

You want to know more about Chrono? Come on, keep reading the following article!

The Origins of Garena’s FF Chrono Characters

chrono ff garena

Chrono’s story begins with the destruction of a dimensional portal between two worlds. The portal was destroyed by a mysterious device belonging to an evil organization. As a result, killer drones are out to destroy the universe.

When the universe is on the verge of chaos, Chrono appears from another world as a “dimensional cop”. He is tasked with upholding justice and eliminating evil in the futuristic world of FF.

Chrono has a shield that can protect his team and himself from enemies. The shield is active for a certain duration of time.

Chrono also has the ability to move relatively quickly. For that, you can pin sniper build for the hero during fighting.

Sniper build makes it difficult for enemies to detect Chrono’s location. Although in the end the enemy found the hero, there will be no backlash. The reason is, the attack opens up opportunities for the character to shoot at the enemy more.

Chrono Skill

chrono ff skills

Chrono FF skills called “Time Turners”. Skills This is what is capable of creating a protective dome (shield) of 600 damage. Uniquely, even though you are in the dome, you can still shoot at the enemy.

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The Chrone Shield can also generate buff movement speed. Of course, buff This applies to all teams taking cover in the vault. As for the size buff movement speed depending on level skills the hero. Here are the level details.

Level 1

At level 1, skills The character is able to create a force field to block 500 damage from the opponent. At that time, movement speed increase by 15%. However, at this level there is cooldown 55 seconds which makes the character unable to fire for a while.

Level 2

Still with the ability to block 500 damage, movement speed at level 2 increased by 20%. Meanwhile, cooldown lasts 54 seconds.

Level 3

Blocking ability damage consistently at 500, now movement speed Chrono to 25%. After that, skills experience cooldown 52 seconds.

Level 4

With a force field blocking 500 damage, skills level 4 is able to raise movement speed up to 30%. Then, cooldown skillsit happened in 49 seconds.

Level 5

Enter level 5, with the ability to block 500 damage, movement speed increased by 35%. At this level, there are cooldown 45 seconds which makes the character’s weapon temporarily inactivated.

Level 6

Skills level 6 provides upgrades movement speed up to 40% when you activate it. However, you have to be prepared for anything cooldown for 40 seconds.

Chrono’s Strengths and Weaknesses

the advantages of chrono ff

Chrono has several advantages that make it difficult to beat by the enemy. The following are the advantages of Chrono.

  • Chrono’s protective field has a power three times greater than the player’s maximum HP so it is difficult to destroy.
  • Even though given nerfChrono’s shield is still able to withstand 400 damage.
  • Protector of skills “Time Turner” can make Chrono bullet invulnerable.
  • You have enough time to restore the HP of the dying team because the shield field lasts 10 seconds.
  • In collaboration with pet Rockie, movement speed Chrono on skills level 6 could be faster.
  • Duration cooldown relatively short so Chrono can activate fire faster.
  • Package bundle Chrono’s character includes his futuristic black outfit.
  • When collaborated with Olivia’s character, both of them are able to provide additional HP for teammates.
  • Chrono FF who are dying will get healing quickly from the collaboration with Kapella. The reason is, without using much medkitKapella is able to charge HP quickly.

Meanwhile, Chrono FF weaknesses things to watch out for include the following.

  • The shield field can only protect players who are in it for 10 seconds. In addition, the shield is small so that the player’s space is limited.
  • Shields can protect players from attacks by enemies outside. However, you cannot dodge when the enemy enters the shield field.
  • The shield can only accommodate four people due to its very small size.

How to Get Chrono on Free Fire

chrono ff weakness

After ability Chrono FF tested, the more player use this character. In fact, Chrono’s character is said to be capable of destroying meta.

Well, if you want to get Chrono, you can do the following ways.

  • Looking for Free Top Up in Events Hosted by FF

Top up events usually held FF in a short time. For example, at the beginning of Chrono’s appearance, you can buy bundle package with only 100 diamonds. So, make sure to monitor the activities that Garena FF does regularly through its website

The second way to have Chrono is to use spin bundle. To do spinyou have to spend 20 diamonds. However, this method is quite risky because spin don’t always give rewards bundle Chrono.

On the other hand, if spin successful, you will get the Chrono character as well as the costume package.

  • Buy Bundle Packages with Diamonds at Shop FF

After passing the promo period last December 2022, Chrono characters were sold for 2,750 diamonds. You can get one pack complete Chrono by paying diamonds the.

How to buy diamonds, can be through the UniPin site. There are packages available on the website diamonds at a low price. After buying diamondsexchange with bundle Chrono character in Shop FF.

Thus a brief discussion of the character Chrono FF who has more power than DJ Alok di games Free Fire. If you want top up diamond cheaper, visit the UniPin site. This website provides diamond bundle with various attractive promos and discounts. Come on, open the UniPin site now!

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