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Get to know Antonio Free Fire, The Mad Gangster Who Lives Hard on the Streets

When you are going to play Free Fire, the first thing you need to do is of course choose the character that will be used in the game. Well, one of the options currently available is Antonio Free Fire. The character that was released in December 2022 has a connection with Paloma and Miguel who first existed.

The Origin of Antonio Free Fire

antonio free fire character

Antonio is described as a gangster figure who knows no fear. This is due to his dark past. He was kidnapped by criminals as a child and the condition made him contracted a bad influence. Therefore, in order to survive on the harsh streets, Antonio also learns to do violence.

Antonio is kidnapped along with two other children, namely Miguel and Paloma. Miguel is Antonio’s childhood friend. Both are orphans and live in an orphanage. Meanwhile, Paloma is a rich girl who lives not far from the orphanage. Miguel and Paloma are found, but Antonio goes missing and becomes a violent monster.

Because of the story of his life, Antonio also had time to languish in prison. He also became increasingly skilled at fighting in the criminal world. This makes his relationship with Miguel who chooses to be a member of the special forces unique. Especially because both of them also pay attention to Paloma, their childhood friend.

Main Ability Antonio Free Fire

antonio free fire skills

Skills owned by Antonio Free Fire known as Gangster’s Spirit. With Antonio Free Fire skills this, Antonio will get extra Health Points (HP) each game starts. The amount of HP obtained varies based on the level of the Free Fire game.

At level 1, Antonio will get 10 extra HP. At the next level, the extra amount of HP increases to a maximum of 35 HP. Thus, the higher the level of the game, the more HP you will get.

For those of you who don’t know, HP is like the life of the character you play. Every time the opponent is attacked and hit damage, HP will decrease. If HP runs out, the character you are playing will die. So, it’s very important to have HP, both at the beginning of the game and during the match so that the character survives.

Because of this advantage, Antonio already has HP even before playing. It means, player can directly play the character without fear of being attacked by the opponent. This special ability is not owned by other characters so you can use it to take one step ahead of your opponent.

For other characters, at the beginning of the game must be really alert. Because at this stage, players usually don’t have vest or a helmet that can protect against risk damage when attacked by an opponent. Usually vest and the helmet will unlock at level 3.

Another advantage that Antonio has as the level of the game increases is to get a special jacket and Life of Antonio. This special jacket will be unlocked at level 5, whereas Life of Antonio will unlock at level 7.

Best Weapon For Antonio

antonio free fire

Despite having skills Gangster’s Spirit, if not accompanied by the right weapons, Antonio can be overwhelmed in the game too. Therefore, you must choose the best type of weapon to maximize your inner skills match which is taking place. Well, here are some weapons that are suitable for this character.


Equip Antonio’s character with SPAS weapons, namely free fire shotgun which has damage high, especially if used at close range. This is a mandatory weapon for the rusher like Antonio. SPAS can be used at close range, but has fire rate small so it is difficult to hit the enemy. As much as possible, target the enemy in one shot.


In contrast to SPAS, the AN94 has: fire rate height and range which is quite wide. That way, you can use it in mid-range or long-range combat. This weapon is more suitable for use if you are in passive play mode. The downside, the AN94 has damage which is not too big.


Don’t forget to try M4A1 too when playing with Antonio’s character. Weapon advantage assault rifle it is easy to use, has accuracy high shot, as well as produce damage the big one. With this weapon, you can shoot from close to medium range.

Tips for Playing with Antonio’s Character

antonio free fire abilities

For those of you who choose Antonio’s character as a mainstay in the game, have a good strategy in order to win match. Here are some tips that you can try.

Maximum in Early Game

The thing you need to pay attention to from this character is its enormous strength at the beginning of the game. That means you have to really optimize skills which is owned by early game by competing aggressively. Because it depends on Gangster’s Spirit skillsthis needs to be done so that Antonio survives until late game.

Quickly Level Up with Fragments

The higher the level of the game, the more HP will be obtained at the beginning of the match. However, Antonio Free Fire abilities This makes you also have to focus on leveling up by using fragment. Fragment this can be obtained if you diligently use Antonio in every match, okay match normal or match ranked.

Avoid Close Combat

One strategy that you can do when using Antonio’s character is to avoid close combat. Battles like this usually consume a lot of HP faster. It’s better if you wait for the right time to shoot the enemy in a few shots. This way, your character will last longer.

Don’t be careless because HP is abundant

Because HP is abundant at the beginning of the game, Antonio is often used carelessly. Though, this character doesn’t have skills another reliable. As a result, Antonio gets overwhelmed at the end of the match and might lead to a loss. So, use the HP you get by playing effectively.

Well, here are the ins and outs of Antonio Free Fire, The Gangster Mad who survive on the streets. Use this character in the Free Fire game and enjoy the fun.

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