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Get acquainted with Vector Weapons, the Overpowered SMG FF

So far, sub machine gun (SMG) Free Fire has always been the player’s mainstay to defeat enemies on the battlefield. In addition to having pistol ammunition in their weapons, SMG also has damage big. One of the SMGs that the enemy is now afraid of is Vector weapon.

Vector was released in December 2022 along with the launch of Free Fire OB25. This FF weapon is equipped with full features and extraordinary abilities to kill approaching opponents. If you want to know the shape, do a search on search engine with the keyword “Weapons Vector gambar“.

Interesting Facts about Vector FF Weapons

ff vector weapon

Behind the extraordinary abilities, there are interesting facts about Vector that you should know. Anything?

  1. Has appeared in Free Fire

If you’re an old player, the name Vector is definitely familiar. The reason is, Vector was once presented by Garena in the Beta version of Free Fire. Unfortunately, the Vector that was released at that time still had many shortcomings.

Therefore, Garena pulled it back for an update. Now, the update has produced satisfying features for Free Fire players.

2. Inspired by Kriss Vector

Vector is a Free Fire weapon that is inspired by the original model in the real world. The weapon is called the Kriss Vector—which is classified as a Kriss Arms firearm.

In the past, Kriss Vector was one of the transformational defense industries (TDI). Then, Kriss Vector is designed parallel to recoil asymmetric. Thus, users can reduce recoil-his.

3. Prime Dual Weapons in Games Free Fire

Have you seen the movie Rambo? Weapons in the film are often used with two hands. So is the Vector—designed to be the first dual-mode weapon in games Free Fire. Dual mode makes Vector even more deadly to opponents.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vector Free Fire Weapons

free fire vector gun

For those of you who need a mainstay weapon for battle, don’t hesitate to use Vector. Because, Vector weapons in FF has the following advantages.

  1. Vector has rate of fire and reload speed relatively fast so the enemy has no chance to attack.
  2. Damage High Vector is suitable for close combat.
  3. Vector’s ability to beat MP40 which is known to be the most powerful in Free Fire. Therefore, Vector is believed to be able to shift the position of the MP40 as a Meta Free Fire weapon.
  4. have four attachments complete and equipped with Single Burst Auto mode.

In addition to the advantages, Vector has several disadvantages that you should be aware of. One of them is that Vector cannot be used for long-range combat. That’s because Vector’s accuracy only supports close range.

Another drawback, the Vector’s magazine capacity is only 19 rounds with 9 mm ammunition. Although Mag QuickDraw can increase this capacity, it is only 33 rounds maximum.

Features of Vector Weapons in FF

vector free fire

Features are supporting the performance of Free Fire weapons. If a weapon had only a few features, the enemy would easily overpower it. Therefore, Garena updated Free Fire Vector with some cool features.

Dual Wield, a Vector feature that allows players to use two drawn Vectors. However, players cannot use other weapons as long as there are two Vectors in inventory.

Another Vector feature is “Blowback” to reduce recoil. The unconventional delay system makes it easy to control automatic fire at close range.

How to Use Vector Weapons

vector weapon in ff

Vector’s cool features and capabilities must be supported with proper use. The reason is, proper use will accelerate your victory on the battlefield.

For reference, here are some ways to use Vector properly.

1. Choose the Best Shooting Mode

Although Vector is designed for range close, you can’t dodge continuously from ranged attacks. So, the tips, set the shooting mode on Vector before attacking the enemy.

Usually, Vector’s bullets slow down when the enemy is 25 kilometers away from the player. This can be overcome by setting Burst or Single mode to reach enemies that are more than 25 meters away.

2. Be careful with the Surprise element of the opponent

In battle royale game, each enemy has its own strategy. Some use strategies that contain an element of surprise to conquer players with Vector weapon. Usually, they use Gloo Wall, Smoke Grenade, or create a diversion.

Some enemies also use Clu characters to find information about your location. By knowing the location, it is easier for the enemy to set deadly traps.

So, you have to be careful of the enemy’s strategy which is full of surprises. Make sure not to be rash in attacking even if the weapon has enough ammo.

3. Avoid Long Range Combat

The fastest tips to kill the enemy, namely by avoiding long-distance combat. Let the enemy into your lair or location, then shoot at close range. The closer the enemy, the more Vector’s accuracy increases.

However, be careful with AR-type weapons, such as M14, XM8, AUG, and SCAR. The reason is, these weapons can be used in various situations and long distances.

4. Use in Early Game

Early Game is the most difficult mode in Free Fire and games battle royal other. If you don’t have a strategy or skills specifically, characters can be killed in this mode.

Killing the closest enemy to your character is the best way to survive in the Early Game. For that, Vector is the most appropriate weapon in this mode.

However, avoid using Vector when entering the Late Game. The reason is, enemies in the Late Game often appear from a distance. In fact, the enemy often came out of a place protected by high walls making it difficult to detect.

5. Match with the Right Character

Character games also affects Vector’s abilities. If used by characters who like to play with bars, Vector works optimally. For example, Jota. This character is often barbaric in attacking the enemy. He also dared to fight on the front lines because he was able to restore his own HP.

Besides being suitable for Jota, Vector can also be paired with Kelly. This short-haired female character is able to move quickly in the arena. Because of this, he can maximize the use of Vector at close range.

Now, Vector weapon more often used game player Free Fire with characters that act as rushers. If you want to rely on these characters, immediately buy diamonds at UniPin.

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