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Exploring the Most Deadly FF M1014 Weapon in Free Fire

Weapons are an important attribute in battles in the Free Fire arena. The reason is, these objects can help you kill enemies and protect yourself from various attacks. However, the weapon chosen must be in accordance with the conditions of the battlefield so that players do not fall in the Early Game.

One of gun referenced for the Early Game is FF weapon M1014. Type shotgun it has damage big. Additionally, the M1014 has nine skin with different colors and designs.

Overview of the FF M1014 Weapon

ff m1014 gun pictures

The M1014 gun is also known as the Benelli M4 Super 90. The company that produces this weapon is Benelli. It is from Benelli that reliable weapons are made and developed. Meanwhile, shotgun it can fire as soon as you pull the trigger in games.

The color of the M1014 weapon is designed to be black so that it can be used at night. For size, M1014 has a length of about 3.49 inches. Then, the length of the barrel reaches 18.5 inches.

The M1014’s magazine can hold seven rounds at a time reload. To maximize its performance, you can take advantage of two attachments on M1014. If you want to shoot long range, use a special Choke type shotgun. With Choke, bullet scatter is reduced and long range shooting is more accurate.

Are you curious about FF M1014 gun pictures? To see the shape shotgun above, you can type the keyword “FF M1014 gun photo” in search engines. Later, the search engine displays some weapons with skin different.

Skins Weapon M1014 Hurts

FF shotgun weapon skin hurts

FF Weapon M1014 has many skin with various colors and effects. Besides that, skin equipped with cool attributes that can kill opponents.

As a recommendation, here is a row skin M1014 weapon that you can choose.

1. Undergrown Howl

Undergrown Howl has a flame animation. When you use skin this, damage increased by two points. This increase makes damage bigger and more lethal shots.

Every single accurate M1014 shot can immediately return the enemy to the lobby. Because of these advantages, Undergrown Howl became skin the best M1014 with the nickname “fire shotgun”.

2. Cataclysm

Cataclysm is skin favorite player games Free Fire. Looks cool with body red and black. Texture skin white skull pattern and surrounded by black aura animation.

Cataclysm can also provide extra magazine so that damage increase. However, reload speed weapons can be decreased when M1014 Cataclysm is used. So, the solution, you have to kill all the enemies before the bullet runs out.

3. Death’s Eye

Rate of Fire skin it is relatively fast, has few bullets, and is suitable for player with good accuracy. Usually, skin comes with AK, MP5, and VSS weapons.

4. Apocalyptic Red

Apocalyptic Red is known as skin The most expensive M1014 on Free Fire. Because, player can have skin if have shotgun M1014 Incubator.

However, about the advantages, Apocalyptic Red can be relied on to kill many opponents quickly. It was because Apocalyptic Red could increase reload speed up to one point.

5. Apocalyptic Green

Apocalyptic Gree is skin green color FF weapon M1014 which can give the status of Range and Rate of Fire. With these two stats, players can kill enemies quickly at a safe distance. However, its weakness reload speed decreases with intensity of use.

6. Enhanced Armor

In addition to the Undergrown Howl, the M1014 weapon has Enhanced Armor as skin best. It looks robotic, metallic colors, and elegant. Regarding performance, skin able to add reload speed and damage weapon. However, skin this can reduce range M1014.

7. Wasteland

Wasteland is described as skin patterned arid place filled with animal skulls. Even though it looks scary, skin it can increase range up to two points. Besides that, damage weapons also increase when skin activated. Unfortunately, the Rate of Fire in Wasteland can be reduced.

8. Demolitionist

Demolitionist is skin which can be used by four weapons at once. When it appears for M1014, skin it has the theme of extermination through blasting and bombing.

If applied to M1014, skin can increase Rate of Fire and magazine. However, skin can reduce range your weapon.

9. Black Skull Violet Terror

Even though it’s not skin best, Black Skull Violet Terror is liked by player Free Fire. Because, skin this does not reduce any other attributes assigned to the weapon. Besides that, skin also increases Rate of Fire when activated.

Tips for Using M1014 Weapons

shotgun m1014 incubator

Using weapons properly is the key to winning battles. How to use the M1014 weapon? Here are the tips.

  1. Use Character Maxim

The right character can maximize the function of the weapon in eliminating the opponent. One of the best characters for M1014 is Maxim. This character has the ability to eat mushrooms and save time. In addition, he can also move very quickly when by one.

Maxim’s ability is in sync with shotgun M1014 which requires fast movement when by one. Likewise when gloo wallMaxim’s agile movement can speed up charging medkit weapon. Thus, the battle is easier to beat.

2. Make sure to get the right position when attacking

The second tip, you must be in a position to shoot when the enemy is approaching. Aim at the enemy’s head, then shoot with technique jump shot. If the bullet runs out, keep moving. This is done so that the enemy does not have a chance to aim.

In order to produce damage large, hold down the shoot button while aiming at the enemy. Then, just press the button once on the part you are shooting. However, when recoil the bigger the gun, it’s better not to shoot right away. You have to wait until recoil shrink.

3. Check stats Shotgun M1014

M1014 is shotgun with the bullet spreading as it is fired. For the shot to be right, you have to check stats carefully. Make sure the shooting range is not too far from the enemy. So, the scattered bullets can hit the enemy’s body with just one shot.

4. Sharpen Your Skills with Practice in Training Ground Mode

If you don’t understand how to use the M1014, try the training version in Training Ground Mode. With this mode, you can choose attachments best for shotgun the. In addition, the Training Ground Mode can also be used as a shooting practice before facing Ranked or Classic Mode.

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