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Get acquainted with Kar98k, PUBG's Deadliest Weapon

PUBG Mobile players often look for weapons that can kill opponents quickly. PUBG players usually choose Sniper Rifle with great accuracy and range. One of the best Sniper Rifle recommendations is Kar98k.

Kar98k PUBG Mobile These are easy to find in the island area. With damage high, of course many players are after him. However, how to use the Karabiner 98k gun is quite difficult. Players must be more observant in observing enemy movements and carefully in finding positions.

Then, where did the Karabiner 98k come from? What are the advantages it has? gun this? Here’s the full explanation.

Kar98k in Real World

weapon kar98k

The Kar98k weapon presented in PUBG Mobile is actually inspired by the German-made Karabiner 98k. Gun bolt-action it was produced in 1935 by Mauser. The rifle design was modified from the previous Mauser product, the Karabiner 98b which adopted the 1898 model.

In terms of rifle length, the Karabiner 98k is shorter than the 98b. However, the size of the embedded bullet is the same as the previous rifle, which is 7.92 × 57 mm. The user can load five bullets with stripper clipoperating system bolt-actionor one by one.

The Karabiner 98k weighs 3.7-4.1 kg. The reason is, the raw materials for weapons still use wood and iron. However, the soldiers at that time, were able to shoot well using the Karabiner 98k.

The 98k carabiner was used by the entire German armed forces during World War II. This German move was followed by soldiers in North Africa, the Soviet Union, Norway and Finland.

The 98k carabiner was used by rebels in several German colonies. In addition, the Karabiner 98k was also used by the Soviet Union during the first two years of facing the German invasion.

After World War II, the 98k Karabiner became increasingly popular. Because of this, Mauser modified it in the 1940s and 1950s. The results of these modifications were reused by the Soviet Union in anticipation of attacks from the west.

During the cold war, these captured rifles were sent to the Marxist movement around the world. In addition, the Soviet Union also supplied weapons to communist countries during the Vietnam War. Several communist countries that received assistance from Karabiner 98k, namely South Vietnam and North Vietnam.

History of Kar98k in PUBG

pubg mobile kar98k gun

PUBG Mobile Kar98k Weapon released in PUBG since early 2022. Although relatively new, this rifle can be relied on to kill enemies with one shot. Because of this, the Karabiner 98k is classified as sniper sick in PUBG.

The 98k carabiner can be combined with 8x scope, compensator, suppressor, bullet loop, cheek pador flash hider. Attachments This makes it easier for players to use according to the desired conditions.

Kar98k Spesifikasi Specifications

kar98k pubg mobile

The specifications of the 98k Karabiner in PUBG Mobile are similar to the original model in the real world. For example, in terms of ammunition, the PUBG version of the Karabiner 98k uses a size of 7.62 mm. This ammunition can be used for close and medium range firefights.

Then for spec magazines, the Kar98k Free Fire weapon can accommodate five bullets. It means, player you have to be smart in using bullets so they don’t run out quickly, you can also learn tips on using Kar98k from bang alex youtuber pubg. In addition, the Karabiner 98k also has the following specifications.

  • Bullet speed 760 m/s
  • Power000
  • Time between shot 1,9 seconds
  • Magazines 5/N/A
  • Single mode firing
  • Attachments 3; consists of Muzzle, Upper Rail, and Stock.


pubg kar98k gun

Games PUBG provides a lot sniper rifle which is able to kill the opponent quickly. However, compared sniper On the other hand, the Karabiner 98k is considered the most superior. The reason is, this weapon has the following advantages.

· Damage Big

bag hit damage 75, Karabiner 98k is able to kill the opponent in one go headshot. In fact, players can shoot their opponents dead, even if they are protected by a level 2 helmet.

· Killing Remote Enemies

Bullet drop The 98k carabiner goes further than sniper rifle other. For this reason, the regular 98k Karabiner (without the attachments) has good accuracy up to a range of 500 meters. if you use a pc to play pubg mobile, this weapon can give you an extra advantage because your opponent will be seen more clearly on the big screen.

If the 98k Karabiner is paired with scope x8, the shot reaches 800 meters. Even the furthest enemy can be killed in one shot.

· Reload Speed Tall

When you and the enemy both do reload, speed is priority. The reason, this determines who will shoot first. If player using Karabiner 98k, reload speedit reached 55.

How to Get Kar98k

Karabiner 98k guns are easy to find in military areas or islands. One of them is Spawn Island in the top right corner folder Erangel. Despite its remote location, Spawn Island is classified as safe zone which holds a lot of weapons.

Because it is far away, it will take players a long time to arrive at Spawn Island. If you get there, player have to quickly pick up a weapon. The goal is to survive the narrowing of the zone.

Besides Spawn Island, players can find Karabiner 98k at Sosnovka Military Base. This place is the best location to get sniper rifle. Therefore, many players turn to Sosnovka as a place loot first time.

A not-so-good location to get weapons is Pochinki. In PUBG Mobile, Pochinki is a hot dive location. The reason is, the percentage loot in this area is high. After loot, player can find Karabiner 98k easily in houses in the Pochinki area.

Not only Pochinki, Georgopol and Novorepnoye are also the best places to find Karabiner 98k. Both have similar conditions, namely many containers and in the form of a port.

Sniper usually stored in containers. However, be careful when loot; Enemies can come from any direction. To anticipate, player must pay attention to the footprints on the container as well as the ground. In addition, players must pick up weapons quickly when they see them.

The last area to find Karabiner 98k is Mylta Power. This place only had four warehouses and a few small tents. Even so, players can get sniper easily at that location.

That’s the review about weapon Kar98k as a guide for players to win the battle. Even though the place sniper it is kept high risk, never be afraid to step up. The reason is, victory belongs only to a brave person who does not know how to give up.

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