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Get acquainted with Benedetta, the Hero Assassin with the Magic Sword

Want to fight with Assassin-type heroes who can attack in mode burst? Benedetta could be an option. First released in November 2022, Benedetta relies on his speed, sword array, and shadow to fend off as well as launch attacks quickly.

Curious to try playing with this fighter? Read the information about it first.

Benedetta Background

hero benedetta

Not without reason Benedetta Mobile Legends become a subscriber tire since release. Benedetta is a Shadow Ranger, the leader of a group of warriors guarding a settlement on the dangerous barren plain, Despair Place. Growing up a formidable orphan, Benedetta honed herself with swordsmanship to seek revenge against the monsters that killed her father.

After being rejected from taking the Empire Army exam to become a knight, Benedetta chooses to go to Despair Place, join the Rangers and protect the inhabitants from monsters. Benedetta wields a sword called Alecto and is honored as the protector of the settlers of the area.

Skills Main Benedetta

benedetta mlbb

Benedetta is famous for her fast slashing attacks using her sword. This has been seen since the passive level. This is the order skills Benedetta that you must develop.

1. Elapsed Daytime (Passive)

Elapsed Daytime allows Benedetta to collect Sword Intent to the brim. You can use the Basic Attack button to launch a Swordout Slash and inflict 100 (+220%) Physical Damage. Skills this also allows it to pass through walls.

2. Phantom Slash (Skill 1)

Skills First Benedetta created a shadow in front to outwit the opponent before launching an attack. In addition to Physical Damage, this attack can slow down the opponent by 60 percent for 0.5 seconds.

3. An Eye for An Eye (Skill 2)

Skills both combine defense and attack. Using Control Immunity, Benedetta can withstand attacks from all directions for 0.8 seconds. If successful Crowd Control during the defense process, Benedetta can freeze the opponent’s movement for 1.5 seconds.

4. Alecto: Final Blow (Ultimate)

Alecto: Final Blow is Benedetta’s greatest move. His powerful slashing attack gives him defense against damage while slowing all targets in front of him by 70 percent for one second. The combination of large physical damage and slowing enemies makes Benedetta quite dangerous.

Build Items Benedetta

benedetta build

Want your Hero to quickly rank up? Make sure to choose Benedetta build items who are able to support their expertise to the fullest. Here are some products that you must get during the game:

1. Raptor Machete

Benedetta is the ideal Hero as carry, i.e. “collector” which is active at the start of the match. Raptor Machete gives Benedetta a chance farming as much as possible in order to deal massive damage against monsters.

2. Magic Shoes

You can get Magic Shoes before or after getting Raptor Machete, but you must get them at the beginning of the game. This item is useful for reducing time cooldown after Benedetta launched her move. These shoes are important because Benedetta relies a lot on skills. Magic Shoes help reduce time cooldown up to 10 percent.

3. Endless Battle

A must item for Assassins, Endless Battle helps steal enemy lives, reduces time cooldown, and regeneration. Benedetta will also experience an increase in Physical Damage of up to 60 percent.

4. Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax gave Benedetta an additional blood “reward” from the Spell Vamp function. Suitable if you are attacked but still have a chance to escape or fight back. If you use all the initial items with Bloodlust Ax, Benedetta will get a time reduction cooldown up to 30 percent.

5. Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair can inflict additional damage of 25 percent when fighting an enemy whose HP is less than 50 percent. Blade of Despair is suitable for Assassin-type heroes like Benedetta MLBB because it is ideal to finish off the opponent at the last second.

6. Queen’s Wing

Queen’s Wing is suitable for Assassin-type heroes whose attacks are Burst Attack like Benedetta. You will get Damage reduction from enemies when your blood is only 40 percent. There is also a Lifesteal function that can give up to 40 percent extra blood, suitable for fighting to the last drop of blood.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Benedetta

benedetta mobile legends

Just like other heroes, Benedetta has several advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them.


  • Has a Burst-style attack that deals high Physical Damage
  • Be agile and easily escape from successive attacks or crowds
  • Defense is pretty good, especially if it’s near the end of the game


  • Skills are quite difficult to deploy because the steps are complicated
  • Not suitable for beginners because it requires movement coordination
  • Suitable for solo, but not suitable for team work

Tips for Playing Benedetta Success

Tips for playing Benedetta

As a relatively new Hero and can be obtained for free, Benedetta can be played with certain tricks so that you quickly rank up. Here are some of them:

1. Don’t rush to join the team fight

Itching want to join the fight between teams? Wait until your team’s opponents run out of Mana or launch their flagship attack, then you “enter” to finish off the opponent. This is because Benedetta is not good at handling crowds.

2. Focus on Skill 2 to Escape

Skills 2 (An Eye for An Eye) is suitable for evading the opponent’s Crowd Control. In addition to being able to escape, the level of Physical Damage is quite large.

3. Use Ultimate Skills when Already Advanced

Benedetta’s strongest skill is powerful, but you have to consider the cooldown time. When you cast an Ultimate Skill, you can slash at your opponent in a wide area, but there’s no way to aim and shoot automatically.

4. Buy All Build Items

Benedetta needs all Build Items to anticipate her weaknesses in teamwork while making herself better when dealing with opponents. Make sure to buy them all in order so that your abilities don’t go to waste.

Benedetta is one of the greatest Hero Assassins that has just been released, but her abilities make this one fighter confident in slashing opponents with her sword. Get Benedetta now and use his fighting abilities in burst mode using his mighty sword.

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