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Genshin Impact Tips for Beginners

Free games usually don’t attract much attention unless they’re launched by a big company. Fortnite, for example, became a popular game because it was released by a large company, Epic. Not only that, Fortnite is also the first clone of the PUBG game in the Battle Royale genre. However, this does not apply to Genshin Impact.

Although not from a major developer, this game has managed to follow the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you are interested in playing, check out the following Genshin Impact tips for beginners!

Things to Know Before Playing Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is available in various platform versions, starting from PC, mobile, and PlayStation versions. Later, it was said that miHoyo would also release a Switch version. Apart from choosing what platform you will use, there are some important things you should know. Anything?

The existence of the Gacha System

Gacha is a popular system in this game. The gacha system itself is designed for players who have limited funds but want to continue playing Genshin Impact for free. So, players can have certain characters or weapons they want without paying aliases by means of gacha or raffles. Gacha is not only available in Genshin Impact but also in various other mobile games such as Free Fire.

Learn How Elements Work

Genshin Impact has a complicated way of fighting because it uses the concept of elements. That is, when your character is a character with an ice element, the water attack will freeze you. On the other hand, players with the fire element will flare up even more if they are attacked using the wind element. Study all the elements so you can customize your fighting style.

Know the Advantages of Playing in a Team

Since this is an online game, you should be able to play in teams. However, playing with other team members has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Learn first before you decide.

Tips for Playing Genshin Impact for Beginners

After knowing the basics and general information regarding Genshin Impact, there are some tips that beginners should also learn. Check out some of them in the following review!

Explore and Experiment

Keep in mind that all the components in the game exist for a reason. All items have their own uses. Learn Maps Genshin Impact, Likewise every rock formation must be hiding a secret. Therefore, don’t stop exploring and experimenting with it, so the more knowledge you have to conquer the game.

Check Genshin Impact Menu to Check Rewards that may be missed

Genshin Impact has many menus with various features. It’s very easy for new players to miss out on the small rewards that may be earned. Check mailbox, achievements and adventure logs. You will find many surprises that you can claim.

Focus on the Main Story of Genshin Impact to Unlock More Characters

Even though Genshin Impact is a gacha game, you don’t have to rely on pull alone to get a versatile character. You just need to play based on the storyline. As the game progresses, there will be many characters that you find and are automatically added to your hero selection. If from the start you want to have many characters at once, you can use the Wish System.

Diligently Studying Recipes

Cooking and eating are important processes for increasing character stats in Genshin Impact. Therefore, you must continue to study and try existing recipes. While on an adventure and discovering new characters, don’t forget to learn recipes from them.

Collect Weapons

Collecting weapons is also important for mastering the game. If you have a strong weapon, you will not only easily win the battle but also complete various other missions.

Even if the weapon you find is the same as your previous weapon, it doesn’t matter. The reason is, the same weapon can increase buff or additional stats

Gacha Genshin Impact Tips to Get 5 Stars

As previously mentioned, gacha is a system in Genshin Impact that is used to obtain the desired weapons and characters. Most of the characters and weapons being hunted are those with the best 5-star status.

So that you can get the best character or weapon, check out the following Genshin Impact gacha tips!

Single or Multi Gacha

Many players have different opinions on this. There are those who are more successful with single gacha (doing gacha one by one) and there are also those who immediately do 10 times of gacha (multi gacha) and get what they want. Be it single or multi gacha, neither is superior. You can choose according to your preferences.

Best Place to Do Gacha

Some players believe that there are certain locations that will make you luckier during gacha. Some of those locations are the Diluc Bar or the Venti Statue in Mondstadt. You can try one of them to test your luck.

Do Gacha at Night

Although there is no fixed rule about when you can do gacha, many older players set the gacha time at midnight or around 11:45 p.m. You can try to do this to get the desired 5-star character.

Rate Gacha

You can also do the Gacha Genshin Impact Rate to get the desired 5-star character or item. Keep in mind that the chance to get a 5-star item is very small, which is 0.6%, while getting a 4-star item is 5.1%. The biggest chance is to get 3 stars, which is 94.3%. 5-star characters can generally be obtained after you make a pull wish for 70 to 80 times.

Those are some Genshin Impact tips for beginners and Genshin Impact gacha tips that you can apply. Don’t forget to top up GC Genshin Impact on UniPin to create a more exciting gaming experience.

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