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Gameplay Show, Age of Empires 4 Release October 2022

When we talk about PC exclusive games with tons of fans around the world, of course the name Age of Empires is in it. This game made by Microsoft has indeed been around for a long time accompanying gamers who make the PC their main device.

In 2022, Microsoft announced the fourth entry in the Age of Empires franchise. In the past 4 years, they have also shared various information related to the game.

Microsoft and Bethesda at E3 2022

Show Gameplay Age Of Empires 4 Release October 2021
Age of Empires 4 | PCGamesN

Finally, Microsoft has confirmed that Age of Empires 4 is almost complete. In fact, they confirmed that the game will launch in the fall of this year.

Previously, Microsoft was still reluctant to confirm the exact date of Age of Empires 4. Through today’s E3, Microsoft officially announced the release date of their game.

Age of Empires 4 Gameplay

Along with this, Microsoft is also showing a gameplay the latest from the newest entry from Age of Empires. This short trailer shows the visuals of Age of Empires 4 which are a little different than before.

In fact, it looks like there will be various new factions that have not been shown before. The trailer also closes with the confirmation of the release date of Age of Empires 4 and will be available on Xbox Game Pass on the first day of release.

Age of Empires 4 is scheduled to be released on October 28 through the Microsoft Store and PC. How do you respond?

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