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Game Sales Plague Inc. Games. Skyrocketing thanks to the Corona Virus

The Corona virus that has been the talk of the past week may be a terrible thing for anyone. In addition, the emergence of this virus also has an impact on the economic sector where many markets in Wuhan have to be temporarily closed. But it seems that this does not apply to the game Plague Inc. The game actually “reaped profit” with the trending Corona virus.

Gameplay Plague Inc. it’s quite unique, and I think it makes sense when it comes to current events related to the Corona virus. For those who don’t know, in this game players are required to become a deadly virus whose goal is to infect all humans in the world. You can also mix viruses that have a stronger impact, or think of ways to make the virus spread more effectively and faster.

Along with concerns about the Corona virus, this 8-year-old game has actually recorded a significant skyrocketing sales figure, especially in the China region. Not only that, this game even became the best-selling game on iOS last week. However, this seems to have resulted in its own concern for the developer, namely Ndemic Creations. Developers are worried that many players will misunderstand and assume the simulation of the spread of the virus in this game will be accurate or according to the map. They reaffirmed that Plague Inc. is not a science-based accurate dissemination model so they ask people to get information directly from official health agencies.

This game is not only available on iOS but also for Android. How? Are you interested in trying?

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