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Fun Ways to Survive with Other Gamers

Playing games is always an exciting activity, especially if you play games that offer uniqueness and cannot be found in other games. You can get this kind of experience when you play a survival game called Don’t Starve Together. This game is an expansion of Dont Starve that lets you try to survive together with other gamers.

Dont Starve is an open world themed game that uses 2D graphics. This game made by Klei Entertainment was first introduced to the public in 2022. You will get many interesting experiences in this game. Not only learning how to survive effectively, you also need to deal with monsters who are ready to attack at any time.

Dont Starve Together Gameplay

dont starve together gameplay

Don’t Starve Together Gameplay is very simple. You can play this game using a combination of keyboard and mouse. In addition, there are also considerations for a more comfortable way of playing using a gamepad. That way, you can feel the experience of playing PC games like a console.

The main goal that you need to achieve when playing the game Dont Starve is to survive. As you play, you’ll find the duration of your survival time on the screen. To maximize your chances of survival, you can collect experience points. As experience increases, you can acquire new characters.

In the various Dont Starve Together Guides, you will find that the way to earn experience points in this game is relatively simple. You will get 20 exp points for each day that is successfully passed. Important note, this game enforces a permanent character death and the game is over.

This game focuses on the day and night cycle. You need to use different methods of survival during the day and night. During the day, you can explore activities to find food, collect firewood, and various other important resources.

When stepping on the night, the atmosphere will change 180 degrees. You need to be aware of the presence of dangerous monsters. One of them is Charlie who has a habit of attacking players in the dark. To avoid this, you need to light a fire for lighting.

The tough challenge in this game is to prevent your character from dying. There are many causes of death in the game Dont Starve. When playing, you will find three indicators above the character, namely: hunger, healthand sanity. You need to keep all three indicators high in order to survive.

Hunger shows the condition of the character when hungry or full. Meanwhile, sanity will decrease in the early morning. Besides that, sanity shows the sanity level of the character. To improve conditions sanityyou can try sleeping, taking flowers, wearing nice clothes, and so on.

Lastly, you should not ignore the conditions health. Health Your character can continue to decrease when you are hungry. If left unchecked, your character can die. Besides that, health can also decrease when fighting against monsters.

Dont Starve Together Character Choice

dont starve together guide

When browsing the Dont Starve Together wiki page, you will find that the game has several character options. Each character has its own uniqueness and expertise. Some of these characters include:

  1. Wilson. While playing survival games on line this, Wilson is a character default that you get. This character has no special abilities that make him strong. He only had a beard which came in handy when it was winter.
  2. Willow. This character is a woman who has lighter to light a fire. Willow has immunity to fire. It’s just, you need to maintain the condition sanity willow. If sanitylow, he would easily spread the flames.
  3. Abigail. You can also play a woman named Wendy. This character is haunted by his dead twin brother. In addition, he can feel comfortable when staying in a dark area.
  4. Wolfgang. If you are looking for a strong character, Wolfgang is the right choice. This character has great power when the hunger indicator is full. It’s just that Wolfgang is hungry to lose sanity more when faced with danger.
  5. WX-78. This character is an android robot that doesn’t need to eat or sleep. Its power can be recharged using lightning. In addition, you need to be careful because the WX-78 can be damaged when exposed to water. In addition, you can do upgrade use gear.
  6. Wickerbottom. This woman is like a walking encyclopedia. He knows many things and is known as a book lover. However, Wickerbottom has trouble sleeping. Besides, he also doesn’t like it when food is wasted.
  7. Woodie. You can also get characters with high strength when using Woodie. He has a characteristic with an ax that he always carries. In addition, Woodie has a secret that he keeps tightly, which is to turn into a werebeaver on a full moon.
  8. Wes. Wes is a mute character. This character has health which is very high, but has hunger below average. In addition, Wes has the ability to use balloons as a means to distract enemies.
  9. Wagstaff. This one figure is a scientist and reportedly the creator of the WX-78. Wagstaff’s ability is to create various types of items that have special powers.
  10. Wigfrid. This character has a high level of skill in a battle, he can even absorb the abilities of defeated enemies. You just need to know that Wigfrid only eats meat.

The Uniqueness of the Survival Game Don’t Starve Together

dont starve together wiki

Compared to other games, you will find that Dont Starve Together is not a boring game. What’s more, you can play it together with gamer other. Plus, you can explore different places to increase your chances of survival.

You don’t need a PC with advanced specifications to play this survival game. The PC specifications you need to prepare are as follows:

  • OS : Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/OSX 10.7.X/SteamOS + Linux
  • CPU: Processor with a speed of 1.7GHz or higher
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Graphics: Radeon HD5450
  • DirectX : Version 9.0c
  • Network : Internet broadband
  • Storage: 3GB

Next, you can go to the Dont Starve Together Steam download page. There, you can legally download this game with a Steam Wallet balance of IDR 95,999. If your balance is empty, fill it up immediately by buying a UniPin voucher.

The way to purchase UniPin vouchers is very easy. You can do this on the UniPin official website. After that, you can use it to top up your Steam Wallet and make purchases of your favorite games. Not only that, you can also use the voucher to buy premium items in various games on line.

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