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From Airplane Simulation to War with Fighter Planes, Here's a Pick of the Best Android Airplane Games

Android airplane game turns out to have a lot of fans. No half-hearted, from children to adults enjoy the fun of playing airplanes through their cellphones.

On Android itself there are two types of choices games plane, that is flight simulator and games fighter. Both types games have different challenges and levels of difficulty. However, it’s still fun to play.

Fly Without Fear of Heights

best android airplane games

For some people, flying by plane is a frightening specter. The fear of taking air transportation, be it airplanes, helicopters, or hot air balloons is also called aerophobia or aviophobia. In fact, in today’s era using air transportation has become a necessity. Especially if you want to travel far.

Those who experience this phobia will experience anxiety attacks when boarding a plane. People who experience aerophobia will usually avoid vacations or long trips because they don’t fly.

However, not by playing games. Despite experiencing fear while flying, while playing best android airplane games they too will enjoy the same amount of fun as everyone else.

Game Choice Flight Simulator Best Android

the best android airplane game

Themed games flight simulator can be an option best android airplane games to fill in spare time. In this game, we can pretend to be a pilot, whether for conventional passenger planes or fighter planes. Here are some options:

1. Avion Flight Simulator

Avion Flight Simulator has a large selection of planes, so we will not be bored in playing. From a graphic point of view, games this is good enough. The controls are fairly easy, so it’s not too difficult for children to play. In the games, players will be given some simple tasks. Players are also required to always pay attention to the plane’s speed and precision when landing.

2. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

The main attraction of games this is the effect of three-dimensional graphics. Gameplay-it is easy to play, and this game also does not provide complicated tasks so that players can be quite relaxed in playing it. Apart from good graphics, Flight Pilot Simulator has flight scenarios that can make the game more challenging.

3. Extreme Landings

Especially for those of you who want to try out what it’s like to be a cargo or commercial airplane pilot, Extreme Landings is worth a try. Chart games it’s clean and doesn’t seem overly impressed. The control system is also made as close as possible to the original aircraft. There’s a wheel lever, a lever powerengine buttons, fin and brake controls, level indicator and fuel control.

4. F18 Carrier Landing Lite

Unlike Extreme Landings, the main mission in games this is landing a plane on an aircraft carrier. The challenges in this game are somewhat more difficult when compared to Extreme Landings, even though both are from the same developer, namely Rortos.

5. Air Navy Fighters

Above average airplane games are single mission games. Players only complete missions without any intervention from third parties, such as enemies. In Air Navy Fighters, players must carry out missions to attack enemy bases with aircraft that have been equipped with complete weapons.

The Fun of Airplane War in the Best Android Warplane Games

spaceship android game

When flight simulator not yet satisfactory, there is no harm in trying the war plane games included in this game the best android airplane game. Some of the recommendations are:

1. Call of Infinite Air Warfare

Call of Infinite Air Warfare features slick 3D animation in class games android. In the games In this, there is a wide selection of weapons and warplanes that can be used against the enemy.

Another advantage that is quite prominent in games this is a presentation environment which looks good. The warplane controller system is also quite simple, so players don’t have too much trouble playing it.

2. Modern Warplanes

Modern Warplanes offers combat between aircraft using a wide selection of modern aircraft that have been equipped with complete weaponry.

This game also has 12 types combat aircrafts so the game will feel more challenging. However, this game is not airplane games android offlineinternet access is still required to play it.

3. War Wings

War Wings has a PVP game model, 4 against 4. This type of game is claimed to be more exciting and interesting when played. This is because players also have to set a strategy to keep winning from the enemy. There are more than 20 choices of fighter planes to choose from, complete with weapons.

4. Call Of Modern War

Android airplane games next is Call Of Modern War. Complete features with a complete choice of weaponry make games this is a favourite. Another plus is the 3D animated graphics that make the game feel more alive.

The location of the plane battle is made not boring because it can change according to the increase in level. Even more interesting, all the planes inside games based on planes that exist in the real world.

5. Gunship Battle

Gunship Battle offers a more exciting and exciting airplane war game. The eye-pleasing animation coupled with 3D graphics make the game even more real.

The game controls are also not too complicated, so Gunship Battle is very easy to play. In gamesthere are about 20 missions to complete, of course each mission has its own level of difficulty.

Well, those are some recommendations android airplane games which can be played. Just choose at will, want to play an airplane simulation or even an airplane war. Good luck!

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