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Fortnite's "Nukang" No-Featured Mode Could Be Permanent In the Future

Fortnite players are now really busy with a new experience by fighting without the “build-up” feature which is actually the hallmark of this battle royale game.

Even so, it turns out that not a few players have welcomed this change. And they even voiced that Epic Games would later make this no-build mode permanent.

Players seem to quite like the mechanics of a more conventional battle royale with improvised mobility and a regenerating overshield. This indeed allows them to focus more on combat and tactics.

The good news is that a Fortnite leaker on Twitter @TweaBR has looked into the game’s data and found that this mode will most likely be made into a permanent mode called “Solo – No Build Battle Royale”.

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For now, players can indeed play this game in a ‘limited time’ in Solo, Duo, or Trio. However, it is possible that Epic Games will soon implement this classic battle royale gameplay as soon as possible.

Another leaker named HypeX also supported the leak by highlighting a mode without buildings to choose from later, as well as a change to the loading screen tips that says “In mode with buildings”.

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