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Forgotten Hero Mage, This is Gord's Great Mobile Legend

Hero Mage is identical to the magic power they control. One of the Mage heroes that is often forgotten is Gord Mobile Legend. Judging from the story, Gord has been familiar with the wizarding world since birth. What’s more, he has the privilege of manipulating magical energy with ease.

Gord’s love for the mystical world and magic makes him skilled at casting various spells quickly. Every day he was deepening the knowledge until he turned into a very strong figure. However, that power actually became the starting point for his appearance change.

That tremendous power changed Gord’s skin, body, and bones. This is the reason why Gord’s appearance is so scary and scary at the same time. Even so, he is quite liked by Mobile Legend players because he is able to give support team when long-range combat occurs.

Gord Mobile Legend Build the Best Items

gord mobile legends build

Just so you know, Gord belongs to the owner damage per second big compared mainstay hero mage other. The attack area is wide, as well as the attack range is quite far. You can use Gord to attack enemies from a safe distance.

Of course all your efforts to use Gord will be more valid if you have provided it with the best items. Here he is Gord Mobile Legend best build which you can consider.

Demon Shoes

In order not to quickly run out of mana, Gord needs high mana regen in early games. Items Demon Shoes able to make the mana regen status increase by a significant amount. Plus, Gord’s movement speed will also increase so he can freely explore quickly.

Glowing Wand

This item is ideal for a typical Mage damage over time like Gord. Some of the benefits that you can enjoy include, skills passive with effect burn against the enemy, add max HP, magic power, and movement speed.

Holy Crystal

You could say this item magic mandatory Mage Mobile Legend hero. Besides being able to increase the number of magic power significantly, Gord was also able to add magic power his again after successfully attacking the enemy with skills hers.

Ice Queen Wand

Well, this item has a passive effect that can make the enemy’s movement speed decrease when stung skills Gord. Blessing Ice Queen Wand, you can make sure Gord releases the combo skills easily. Plus, you can also earn extra points magic damage, max mana, spell vamp, and movement speed so that damage the one that Gord created was bigger.

Row Skills Gord qualified

Gord Mobile Legend Status

With burst damage very high and crowd control skills capable, Gord was able to cover his shortcomings in endurance and a rather slow movement speed. Gord Mobile Legend can shine even more in the hands of experienced players. No wonder if mlbb beginner player kinda forgot about Gord because he didn’t really understand how to manage his power.

If you are interested in making Gord one of the mainstay Mage, here it is skills capable he has.

Skills passive, Mystic Favorite

After attacking the enemy up to five times with skills his, Gord can deal additional attacks with an amount magic damage up to 200 on targeted enemies.

Skills 1, Mystic Projectile

Skills this appears when Gord acts by throwing magic bomb to a planned target. Once the enemy is hit by Gord’s attack action, they will experience the effect stun 2 seconds long and gives 30% damage extra.

Skills 2, Mystic Injection

Skills this is related to skills passive Gord. Once launched skills 2, damage the result will be sick and big. If you’re used to it, try combining them all skills Gord to get maximum results.

Ultimate skill, Mystic Gush

On ultimate, Gord launches a laser attack that you can aim as you wish towards the target for the duration skills it’s running. When hitting an enemy, they will experience a DOT per 0.3 seconds.

Tips for playing Gord Mobile Legend

Once you know Gord Mobile Legend items best and skills that he had, it was time to explore how to maximize all of Gord’s capital. The following tips can be a guide for you.

Eliminate forest monsters will help

Want to level up Gord Mobile Legend? There is an easy way for that, namely by eliminating the forest monsters. Make sure first lane what you’ve been through is clean so that the action of clearing forest monsters can run smoothly.

Mystic Projectile Skill for farming

Of the many skills Gord, Mystic Projectile can you rely on to kill the enemy’s life or farming. With skills 1, you can give effect stun on the enemy. Only then can you let go skills other.

Pay attention to the position and timing right before deciding war

These tips are definitely useful for all heroes, not just Gord. Always pay attention to how your position is below timing right before deciding to start war. Misreading the situation can do you more harm than good. So, pay close attention to all these aspects so you know when is the right time to fight alone or in groups.

Tricks to Win Against Gord

Gord Mobile Legend Skills

Gord Mobile Legend actually includes a long-range hero. His strengths can be frightening, but they also have weaknesses to watch out for. If you are dealing with Gord as the opposing team’s Mage hero, you can try the following trick.

Learn Gord’s weaknesses

This will help you defeat Gord easily. First, he had a little blood so in theory he should be pretty easy to beat. Second, Gord’s movement speed is slow, unless he has outsmarted it with spell as Flicker. Last time skills Gord’s ultimate is active, his body just stays at one point. If you are observant in reading the situation, Gord’s position can be a target.

Find out which heroes can handle Gord

Who are the heroes who can beat Gord easily? This is a sneak peek.

  • Hero Marksman like Miya
  • Other Mage Heroes, such as Aurora
  • Hero Fighter, you can try Roger
  • Hero Assassin, e.g. Karina

greatness Gord Mobile Legend sometimes unknown to novice players. This is what makes it sometimes forgotten. In fact, if he is in the hands of the right experienced players, Gord can be a dangerous and deadly Mage hero. So, ready for an exciting adventure with Gord?

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