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Forgotten, Argus Mobile Legend Appears Tougher After Revamp

Starting to be abandoned by the players does not necessarily make Argus disappear from the list of Mobile Legends heroes. To attract players’ interest, Moonton presents Argus Mobile Legend version revamp which then makes a hero fighter this is included in the ranks of heroes overpowered. What’s his latest look like? Come on, see the following review.

The Story of Hero Argus, a Greedy Angel in the World of Mobile Legend

argus mobile legends

According to the story, Argus was originally described as a holy angel who came down from Heaven. Together with Rafaela, he descends to the Land of Dawn on a mission to eliminate the evils committed by the demons. Because of the task, Argus had fought countless battles. This condition then made Argus obsessed with having more power.

One day, he gets a whisper from a mysterious ancient creature that makes his obsession spiral out of control. This incident makes Argus ambitious to find the cursed sword belonging to the demons. By relying on his strength, the angel finally managed to get the demon sword.

The sword will get power from one’s life. Since then, Argus has started to venture to instigate war in order to finish off opponents and consume their souls using demonic swords.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Argus ML

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This you know the advantages and disadvantages of the Argus Mobile Legend hero that you need to know.


  1. Skills ultimateis known to be effective in defeating the enemy in a
  2. Own escape skills so good that he easily approaches and attacks the opponent
  3. Become hero burst damage with level durability the good one
  4. Does not require Mana in use skillshis
  5. Blessing skills ultimateher, Argus can do defense well.


  1. Argus’ appearance isn’t strong enough in early games.
  2. Too weak if you have to fight against heroes crowd control and burst damage
  3. It takes time to master skills Argus due to the high level of difficulty
  4. Very dependent on existence skillshis

Skills New Argus Mobile Legend

argus mobile legends skills

Had experienced revamphere are the new specifications of Argus Mobile Legend 2022.

Skills Passive: Warmonger

With Warmonger, his sword will get stronger every time Argus receives and gives damage on the enemy. Another advantage is that even though Argus’ HP is low, it makes the process charge The sword is getting stronger. When stack already full, basic attack further strengthened so that it can perform hit quickly.

Skills 1: Demonic Grip

When using skills 1, Argus will release his Demonic Hand towards the target. If it hits the target, Argus can do slash addition and give physical damage. If it fails to hit the target, Argus will pull himself to that location.

Skills 2: Meteoric Sword

This is the source damage Argus’s largest. When Argus uses the Meteoric Sword, he will carry out the process charge and thrust his Dominic Blade. As a result, damage the output is quite large. Besides, he will also leave mark in the form of curse and effects slow by 80% to the opponent.

Skills Ultimate: Eternal Evil

Eternal Evil caused Argus to change into a mode evil which makes it immune to enemy attacks. Interestingly, damage received instead turns into additional HP when he finishes using skills ultimate-his.

Combo Skills Argus

For guide combo skills Argus Mobile Legend, please use a combination skills 1 > skills 2 > skills 1. Besides that, you can also use skills 2 > skills 1 > skills 1. Players can use skills ultimate when in a state of urgency, for example to escape the Debuff effect.

Build Argus ML

argus mobile legends build

After knowing skills belongs to Argus, you should also know anything Argus Mobile Legend build which can support its performance.

1. Windtalker

Windtalker will give +40% attribute attack speed which allows Argus to easilykill enemy. In addition, there is an additional +20 movement speed+10% crit change which serves to provide additional damage to the enemy.

2. Blade of Despair

If you choose Blade of Despair, Argus can get +170 physical attack and +5% movement speed. The passive ability of this item is the ability to attack heroes with HP less than 50% and increase physical damage hero by 25% for 2 seconds.

3. Endless Battle

This item is able to increase 250 HP, 10% physical lifesteal, cooldown reduction as much as 10%, 65 physical attack25 mana regenerationand add 5% movement speed.

4. Scarlet Phantom

The next choice is Scarlet Phantom, which is an item that offers an attribute of +30 physical attack+20% attack speedand +25 crit change. The passive abilities of this item are critical strike which will add attack speed 30% and critical change 5% for 2 seconds.

5. Haas’s Claws

Not much different from Endless Battle, Haas’s Claws is able to increase physical attack to numbers 70 and 25% physical lifesteal.

6. Swift Boots

Additional +15% attack speed and movement speed as much as 40 points is the advantage you will get from using Swift Boots items.

7. Malefic Roar

Is an item that functions to increase 40% physical penetration and give an additional 60 physical attack. As a result, heroes who use this item can minimize enemy attacks.

Counter Hero Argus

argus mobile legends items

There are several Mobile Legend heroes who cancounter Argus in the match. Who are they?

1. Valir

The first reliable hero against Argus is Valir. Hero mage this one is able to give poke damage to the enemy. When Argus attacks the target with skills 1, this is your chance to use skills 2 to repulse the Argus hero.

2. Lunox

By using skills ultimateBy default, Lunox can immunize Argus while in mode light. After that, switch Lunox into mode dark so that it burst damage what Argus received was greater.

3. Nana

Recommendation counter The last Argus hero is Nana. By using skills 2, Nina is able to turn Argus into Molina and use skills ultimateher to produce burst damage.

That’s the full review of the background, skills new, buildand counter hero Argus Mobile Legends. I hope this helps.

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