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For Beginners, Here Are 9 Ways To Play Mobile Legend To Quickly Rank Up

In the last few years, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) became a genre mobile games which is very popular. Among the many options available, Mobile Legends is one of the MOBA games which is often played in Indonesia. Gameplay unique and easy, satisfying visual graphics, up to a row hero with character and power varied are some of the reasons why games it always gets fans.

The main goal of the Mobile Legend game is to destroy base opponent. This can be achieved easily if you are in rank or high ranking. As a novice player, you will occupy rank Warriors. Furthermore, it takes strategy and how to play mobile legend the right way to go up to Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, up to rank other higher.

Well, if you are a novice player who wants to get up soon rankthe following tips and methods can be used as a guide.

1. Make sure the network conditions are always stable

stable network condition

One of the most important things needed when playing Mobile Legends is an adequate internet connection. An internet with a weak network or frequent signal problems can cause a number of problems. For example, display games the one wholag or the connection is suddenly disconnected which causes you to be forced to AFK alias away from keyboard.

If you have this, you can harm other members on the team. Go on rank even more difficult to achieve. As an alternative, you can actually search how to play mobile legend offline so as not to be constrained by the network. However, the impression obtained is usually not as exciting as when playing live on line.

2. Understand Skills and Power Hero used

understand the skill and strength of the hero

In the world of Mobile Legend, you have to fight using hero choice. It can be said that, how to play mobile legend best is to know ability and strength hero which you choose as the battle icon.

There are dozens hero available in the game, and this number is being added every season. All of them have different roles as Assassin, Fighter, Marksman, Mage, Tankand Support. To be able to face opponents and dominate the battlefield, you must be skilled at choosing hero which one is reliable. For beginners, some recommendations hero which can be selected is Miya, Layla, Saber, Rafaela, or Eudora.

3. Strengthen Hero-your!

strengthen your hero

After determining hero To fight, don’t forget to increase its attack power and defense. You have to pair equipment or build items the right one so that hero that you choose can help in the fight to the maximum.

Recommendation build items best for every hero can be found in section Popular Equipment Sets or Top Player Equipment Sets. As a beginner, you can follow these recommendations before experimenting with build items other. If you want to get the best results, don’t hesitate to buy diamonds or emblem so that hero which you choose can use build most powerful.

4. Choose the Right Friends and Foes

true friend and foe

When playing MOBAs like Mobile Legend, choosing friends and opponents to fight is an equally important point to consider.

Inviting your friends to play together is one way how to play Mobile Legend for beginners which is quite effective. This method is important to do so that you are not easily defeated by your opponent. If that’s the case, you can go up rank quickly become mere hope.

5. Also understand the position of the team of friends and foes

friend and foe positions

In addition to selecting team members, how to play mobile legend Another thing that should not be missed is understanding the position of your friend and foe team. For the problem of team composition, for example, you have to be able to give in by filling in role heroes required.

Novice players will usually choose Mage heroes or Marksman. However, if your playing team needs Fighter heroes or Assassin to face the opposing team, don’t hesitate to replace immediately hero that you play.

6. Pay attention Mini Map


Not a few novice players are more focused on fighting than developing the right strategy, even though the two must be balanced. One way that can be done is by observing mini map in the upper left corner of your game screen.

Mini map contains a variety of information you need in order to devise the best strategy to attack or dodge. In this section, you can see the position of teammates, whereabouts hero from the opposing team, to jungle monsters, Lord or Turtle that must be faced.

7. Learn from Experience

learn from experience

Learning from experience is how to play Mobile Legend for beginners which cannot be ignored. Experience here can refer to personal experience as well as the experience of player others who are already exploring positions global top.

Besides playing live, you can also watch live streaming Mobile Legend battle carried out by gamer professional. While watching, you can learn how to strengthen herochoose gear right, or use skills combos that can knock out opponents.

8. Play at Night

play at night

Playing at night is how to play mobile legend which can be tried in order to level up faster. However, this method seems to only be effective if you and the other team members are used to staying up late at night.

While not a technical strategy, playing battles at night tends to make your opponents easier to beat.

9. Play Patiently

play patiently

Last but not least, keep playing patiently. At the beginning of the game, up rank may be difficult for beginners. However, that’s no reason to just give up. You must be able to play patiently when you find it difficult to control the game because of technical problems such as lag and slow network.

If you are the type of player who gets annoyed easily when mobile games often lagit never hurts to look for how to play Mobile Legend on PC. So, you can more freely control hero by using mouse and keyboard.

That’s some how to play mobile legend which you can apply as a beginner. By following a number of tips and methods above, even novice players will be able to increase their level rank them more easily and quickly. So, are you ready to give it a try?

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