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Finally..., Pokemon Go Opens Access to Battle Between Players Around the World

Previously, Pokemon Go had one of the most anticipated features, namely the battle between players. However, that feature is still limited by distance and friendship level.

This feature called Go Battle League pairs players in PvP (Player vs Player) matches, regardless of location. However, there are some conditions that players must meet to be able to access it.

So, the first five battles are free for all players, but after that players have to walk about five km to get a chance to fight again. Alternatively, players can use PokeCoins.

This feature will be rolled out gradually. Therefore, not all Pokemon Go players can immediately try it.

Winners in this league will later receive a number of prizes, such as stardust, candyand a number of items that can help players in combat.

Actually, this Pokemon Go player-to-player battle feature was first released in 2022. At first, this feature was only accessible to players with level 40, but now it’s accessible to players with level 10.

Features of Battle Between Players

“While designing Trainer Battles, we wanted to emphasize the importance of strategy. With the battle update in Trainer Battles, players can increase their bonuses, including unlocking additional Charged Attacks,” said Niantic.

To be able to try this feature, both players who want to fight must be in the same location. Then, you can choose a suitable opponent from your friends list or use the QR code scanning feature in Pokemon Go.

If you want to play long-distance combat, it can only be done with friends who already hold the status of Best Friends or Ultra Friends. Players can also train with team leaders Spark, Candela, and Blanche.

With the presence of this feature, it definitely brings new changes in Pokemon Go. What’s more, this feature is one that loyal players of the game have been waiting for.

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