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“Finally I can sleep well” Games

EVOS Legends managed to advance to the next MPL Season 9 playoffs after defeating Alter Ego 3-2. Thanks to a quick lead in the first and second games, AE surprisingly equalized in the 3rd and 4th games. EVOS almost came home from the MPL Season 9 playoffs in the last game. Moreover, the kill score at the beginning of the game is quite far apart, Pai and friends are superior.

However, EVOS Legends managed to survive into the late game and make a dramatic comeback. Of course, such a fierce match requires high stamina and concentration. When the body is tired and lacks rest, the player will surely become chaotic. Fortunately, Antimage, who had had trouble sleeping, said he had plenty of “down” time before the playoffs.

Due to the closing of Nimo TV at the end of April and plus EVOS’ ambition to win MPL Season 9, players left the live stream and focused on scrim. Antiimage who was in the interview room after defeating Alter Ego admitted that he had had enough sleep.

“I slept well for 8 hours. Tomorrow against RRQ Hoshi 10 hours of sleep, “ said the player whose real name is Maxhill. Antimage himself once complained about having trouble sleeping because some of his colleagues were often noisy at the gaming house.

For example, Ferxiic, who was still active until the evening, was greeted by Clover, who started a live stream in the morning. Antiimage admitted that he was quite stressed by this condition and it was proven that he was replaced several times. even if he played, the barbarian offlaner’s performance tended to decline.

Will Antiimage get enough sleep today to play R7 in El Clasico? Let’s wait and see!

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