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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series 1-6 Coming to PC and Mobile

It is undeniable that Final Fantasy the last few years is very different from the past. This is of course because the original creator – Hironobu Sakaguchi has officially left Square Enix.

Hironobu Sakaguchi last showed his ability in concocting Final Fantasy in the tenth series. Which, after that, Final Fantasy is not a game as we know it for a long time.

Square ENix announces Final Fantasy Pixer Remaster

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Contains Series 1 6 Coming to PC and Mobile
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster | Square Enix

No wonder that Square Enix is ​​interested in bringing this classic series from Final Fantasy back to the surface. Because indeed Sakaguchi concocted this franchise with his ambitious abilities.

In recent years, Square Enix seems more interested in bringing the old Final Fantasy series than presenting a new entry. This can be proven through the recent release of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In addition, Square Enix will return to do the same thing related to other classic Final Fantasy series. Through E3 Some time ago, Square Enix officially announced Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster.

Contains Final Fantasy 1-6

Pixel Remaster itself is a Final Fantasy 1-6 series which was re-released with a remastered version, but still in pixel form like the past. Final Fantasy is a series that was formulated by Hironobu Sakaguchi in the past.

This allows you to replay the old Final Fantasy series in the same style, but in better quality. Along with this, Final Fantasy Pixer Remaster is scheduled to be released for Android, iOS and PC via Steam.

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