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Final Fantasy 16 Story Has Been Completed, Won't Come at TGS 2022

During the recent Final Fantasy 14 Live Letter, Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida shared some new information for the game they are currently developing.

Through the event, he confirmed that the story of Final Fantasy 16 has now been completely completed. Even the English version of the sound has been almost completely recorded. This certainly indicates that the game is really ready to be released in the near future.

Final Fantasy Final Fantasy 16 story has been completed

Even so, Yoshida confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 will not be attending the 2022 Tokyo Game Show event. This annual event itself is planned to take place from September 30 to October 3.

Launching from Gamespotthis information itself came through a translation of Discord’s r/FFXIV channel of a conversation between Yoshida and NieR Automata creator Yoko Taro during a live broadcast.

PlayStation Exclusive

Final Fantasy 16 Story Has Been Completed Will Not Come In Tgs 2021
Final Fantasy 16 | PC Gamer

Additionally, a translator on Twitter has shared an English translation of Yoshida’s comment, which also indicates that he wants to show Final Fantasy 16 again when it’s ready.

Yoshida wants to make a big reveal that will make everyone want to buy this one game. Lastly, he said that the development of Final Fantasy 16 is going well.

Final Fantasy 16 itself was first announced through the PlayStation 5 event in September last year as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. How do you feel about this? Give your feedback.

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