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Far Cry 6 Is Cuban Inspired, But Not Politically!

Recently, Ubisoft has shown the first gameplay of Far Cry 6. The latest entry from this franchise was first shown in Ubisoft Forward last year. Which immediately caught the attention of fans regarding the setting of the game.

Talking about the first gameplay, Far Cry 6 is shown to contain various interesting conflicts in it. Various actions from the main character, the weapons used to the city where this game will be set.

Far Cry 6 inspired by Cuba!

Far Cry 6 Is Inspired By Cuba But Not With Politics
Far Cry 6 | GameReactor

According to information, Far Cry 6 itself will be set in Yara, a fictional country inspired by Cuba. For this, Ubisoft itself has done various previous research on culture and many things related to Cuba.

Of course they did this to make this one game more realistic and even related to the original. Even more so when knowing that it is rumored that conflicts in the real world will actually occur in this series.

Has no political element of its own!

Far Cry 6 Is Inspired By Cuba But Not With Politics
Far Cry 6 | Ubisoft

Because of this, many fans think that Far Cry 6 will have its own political views. However, the opinion of these fans was immediately dismissed by Ubisoft. Through a joint interview with The GamerNavid Khavari as the director of Far Cry 6 said that the game was inspired by Cuba.

He made sure that only the inspiration for the fantasy stories he composed. Khavari does not intend to make any political statements against the Cuban state with this latest entry from Far Cry.

Furthermore, Khavari said that their game will have an interesting story because it will take direct experience from the real world. Far Cry 6 itself is scheduled to launch on October 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.

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