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Fans Dislike GTA 5 Next-Gen Trailer!

The PlayStation Showcase recently became the place where Rockstar Games again shared information regarding GTA 5. Instead of coming with GTA 6, they are back with GTA 5.

Because there has been no news at all regarding GTA 6 for almost a decade, fans are starting to get bored with GTA 5. Apart from Rockstar Games, which is still making profits from their game.

GTA 5 next-gen trailer!

First released on PS3 in 2022, now GTA 5 will be back on the PS5 console in 2022. That’s right, we will again see this one game on the next-gen console.

The announcement regarding the release date of next-gen GTA 5 comes along with a new trailer. This trailer gives a better look at the game on the next-gen console. However, this trailer is certainly not liked by fans.

Get the negative bomb!

Fans Don't Like The Gta 5 Next Gen Trailer
GTA 5 | Windows Central

Not even a few who give criticism to Rockstar Games. They admitted that they were getting bored and fed up with everything related to GTA 5 and wanted GTA 6.

Evidently, at the time this writing was published, the number of likes in the video trailer on the YouTube PlayStation was 17 thousand. Meanwhile, the number of Dislikes reached 41 thousand, double the number of likes.

It’s quite difficult to believe that this one game has been present in 3 generations of consoles. Moreover, the PS5 and Xbox Series versions seem no different from the PS4 versions a few years ago.

Until now, there is no certainty whatsoever regarding the presence of GTA 6 itself. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

sources: Gamerant

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