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Epic Games vs Apple Trial Results: Nobody Wins

For those of you who follow the development of the game industry, you know the drama between Epic Games and Apple. This drama itself started from Epic Games who entered their own payments through the App Store on Fortnite Mobile.

Apple also does not agree with the actions of Epic Games. As a result, Apple made a decision to take this matter to court. Instead of making peace, Epic Games also sued Apple regarding this.

Epic Games vs Apple trial results

Epic Games vs Apple Trial Results No One Wins
Apple vs Epic Games | Hitztech

The drama between the two giants has been going on for a year. The good news is, after fighting each other for a long time, the judges have decided on the results of the trial from Epic Games and Apple.

Launching from The Verge, the judge’s decision was made today. In which case, neither Apple nor Epic Games, neither of them have won and have found a bright spot.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers defended Apple as a whole in the business field that Apple was not a monopolist antitrust company in its market. Because of this, Epic Games also had to pay for losses due to third party payments.

No one wins!

Meanwhile, Apple lost because after the trial they had to allow developers to provide third-party payment links in their software and games.

It also includes metadata buttons, external links, and payment related stuff. Tim Sweeney as the boss of Epic Games gave a response regarding the results of their trial with Apple.

He emphasized that there was no victory between the two parties. Both are known to have committed a mistake that they must pay for each other. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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