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Exciting! Here's How to Play Werewolf Party Game

Ever heard of Werewolf Party Game (WWP)? If you are familiar with the game Among Us, you will have no trouble understanding the rules games this.

In games Among Us, players must find out an enemy who is pretending to be or disguised as a member of the team. Likewise with WWP. Mobile games this feels so addictive because it has an exciting gameplay.

Not much different from Among Us, players must get rid of the one who is considered to be acting as a Werewolf before other members start to be killed. The determination of the role will be done randomly by the system and only the person concerned knows what the character is.

Sounds interesting right? Before having fun, make sure you understand how to play Werewolf Party Game like the following review.

1. Download Werewolf Party Game First

download werewolf party game

The first step you have to do is install WWP on your phone. For iPhone users, this game is already available on the App Store. Meanwhile, for Android users, games WWP can be downloaded via the Play Store.

Up to now, games size of 88 MB has managed to achieve rating of 4.4 with a total review more than 40 thousand and total download more than 1 million. Cool!

2. Get to know the characters and their duties

how to play werewolf party game

The second tip is to identify each of the existing characters and their tasks. In this game the players will be divided into four teams, namely:

Yellow Team or Civilian (CV)

Civilian is a team that plays the role of commoners or villagers. This team only has the ability to do voting and can only operate during the day.

Although not equipped with special abilities, this is actually an advantage in itself because it can escape the Werewolf’s target. To influence player opinion, as a Civilian you can make speeches or claim to be Civilian.

In order for the yellow team to win, the players are required to be compact and depend on the performance of the blue team or Werewolf Hunter.

Blue Team or Werewolf Hunter (WH)

As the blue team, your job is to protect the yellow team from the Werewolf or the red team. The characters who are members of this team include:

  • werewolf hunter, tasked with identifying the professions of all players and operating at night. This is the position the red team is aiming for.
  • Doctor, tasked with protecting other characters who are targeted by Werewolf and Zombie attacks. Avoid giving two injections to the same person because it can cause the character’s death.
  • Cowboynamely players who are equipped with weapons revolver to finish off the Werewolf team. This character will operate at night and can only fire once a night.
  • Agenttasked with protecting everyone except those who are victims of terrorists.
  • Riot Police, has the task of throwing smoke bombs to be immune from voting
  • Dreadwindable to absorb the attacks of the red team in other characters and convert these attacks into energy that can fight back against the red team the next night.
  • Exorcist, can instantly finish off the character he chooses
  • ghost sweeper, You can choose the character you want to protect from Werewolf, Incubus, or Wight attacks.
  • agents, can protect one person from Werewolf or Sniper attacks.

Team Green or Zombies

These green or zombie teams are often referred to as individual teams. The mission is to turn all Civilians into zombies by biting. Victims who have been infected with zombies cannot be cured.

Red Team or Werewolf (WW)

In addition to zombies, the red team is also everyone’s enemy because it is in charge of attacking the villagers or the yellow team. Some of the characters who join this team are:

  • werewolfhas a mission to kill the blue team
  • Sniperhas the ability to shoot at targets who want to destroy the red team.
  • Terroristcan do suicide bombing with 1 other person
  • Kidnappertasked with confining someone every night so that person can’t carry out his mission.
  • pyromania, can burn characters that can threaten the red team
  • vine monsters, can choose one person to plant the seed. He who is chosen will die entangled.
  • incubus, cannot kill any other character other than Notty Boy and Civilian.
  • Wights, can absorb the souls of the dead and use them to attack targets.

3. Understand the Game Modes Available in Werewolf Party Game

werewolf game party

How to play Werewolf Party Game The next thing is to understand carefully what the game mode is like. There are a total of eight game modes in Werewolf Party Gamethat is:

  • Classic
  • Justice vs Evil
  • CS
  • Into the West
  • Armageddon
  • Sin City
  • Power Rangers
  • Spectral Realm

4. Find out the Win/Lose Rules

win and lose rules

The last tip is to find out the rules of winning and losing in this game. Check the following winning conditions:

  • The Werewolf Hunter and Civilian teams will win if all members of the Werewolf team die.
  • The Werewolf team will win if all the Werewolf Hunters die.
  • The Werewolf team can also be declared victorious if all Civilian teams die.
  • The Werewolf team can win the game if half of its members are alive.
  • The Werewolf team will win if each team in the day only leaves one player.
  • All teams are declared lost if no one wins until day 15.
  • The Zombie Team wins if half of the surviving players are zombies.

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