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Exciting Adventure Exploring the Afterlife

Shadowlands is arguably one of the most important expansions in gaming history World of Warcraft (WoW). This can not be separated from the similarity of Shadowlands with Cataclysm. Similar to its predecessors, the Shadowlands expansion includes a number of changes and new features that are not related to the expansion. However, it is still relevant and makes the game even more interesting. For example, new starting zones, level reductions, and regulations.

Armed with a number of these new things, it is not surprising that Shadowlands is the expansion that has been eagerly awaited by loyal fans of the game made by Blizzard Entertainment. So that you are no longer curious, see the following Shadowlands review!

Shadowlands at a Glance

world of warcraft review

Shadowlands is listed as the eighth expansion released on November 23, 2022. This expansion allows you to enjoy the game from the start, without long queues to enter the game’s main menu and connection issues that usually characterize MMORPG games (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). This expansion began when Sylvanas Windrunner opened the gap between the world inhabited by the living and the world of spirits by destroying the Lich King’s helmet.

Not satisfied with this, Sylvanas uses his new allies to take a number of important Azeroth leaders hostage, including Anduin Wrynn (Alliance) and Baine Bloodhoof (Horde). Players called Champions of Azeroth will enter Shadowlands on a mission to save the world alongside popular characters, such as Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore. Even so, it’s not an easy thing to enter Shadowlands when you’re still a human. Not a few characters end up in The Maw, an area full of suffering and no way out that is destined for the worst souls.

New World of Warcraft Shadowlands Zones and Maps

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Entering the game, you will be introduced to a new world that is home to the greatest villain and ruler of the Hades-esque Maw, The Jailer. There are six zones, namely Bastion, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revenredeth, Maw, and the new capital, Oribos. Shadowlands is more linear than its predecessors, so you can only unlock entire zones sequentially through the main story.

If WoW usually releases zones as open world, then Shadowlands is different. In this expansion, Oribos becomes a portal to other zones. Each zone is quite large, the theme is also different. Bastion seemed like heaven, Ardenweald was very close to nature, Maldraxxus was a zone of destruction filled with monsters and the undead, Revendreth was inhabited by vampires, and Maw was a desolate and gloomy zone where the worst souls congregated. You can also buy World of Warcraft dlc base edition, heroic edition, or epic edition for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

New System: Covenant

world of warcraft system requirements

Shadowlands is governed by the Covenants which offers unique gameplay, story campaigns, and different powers to support you in completing missions. You can make a pact and ally with one of the Covenants, such as the Arrogant Venthyr from Revendreth, the Wild Night Fae from Ardenweald, the Brave Kyrian from the Bastion, or the Magical Necrolords from Maldaruxxus.


Source: Gamerant

No different from other MMPORGS, World of Warcraft gameplay allows you as a player to create character avatars and explore the game world, fight villains or monsters, complete questand interact with other players and non-players, NPCs (Non-Playable Character). Considering Shadowlands is the afterlife World of Warcraftin this expansion you will find characters who died in previous expansions, such as Kael’thas Sunstrider, Kel’Thuzad, Uther the Lightbringer, Vol’jin, Draka, and Arthas Menethil.

In addition to the revived characters, you’ll also meet Sylvanas Windrunner, Jaina Proudmoore, Thrall, and Tyrande Whisperwind. Interestingly, in this expansion you can customize your character by starting a new character or visiting a barber in the capital.


World of Warcraft Shadowlands offers a number of classes that will make it easier for you to reach your goals. The classes include:

  • Death Knight
  • Demon Hunter
  • Druid
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior


Shadowlands has dungeon challenges that are open and ever-changing. This dungeon can be visited by both solo and party with a maximum of five players. You have to complete the exam to get exchangeable materials equipment legendary. There are eight dungeons in Shadowlands with four difficulty levels, namely normal (50-60), Heroic (60), Mythic (60), and Mythic+ (60). Four dungeons are available for leveling players, while the rest are available for max level players.


The higher the level you have, the faster you can enter the available dungeons. The minimum level required is as follows.

DungeonMinimum LevelTypeBoss Meeting
The Necrotic Wake50Leveling dungeon in Bastion4
Plaguefall53The leveling dungeon in Maldraxxus4
Mists of Tirna Scithe55Leveling dungeon in Ardenweald3
Halls of Atonement57Leveling dungeon in Revendreth4
Theater of Pain60Maximum level dungeon5
De Other Side60Maximum level dungeon4
Spies of Ascension60Maximum level dungeon4
Sanguine Depths60Maximum level dungeon4

After reaching the highest level, which is 60, you must choose Covenant to unlock special skills, missions, locations, and rewards. Reaching level 60 means that you can upgrade new characters as well as set specific goals, such as throwing a banquet in Ravendreth or assembling the monsters in Maldraxxus.


The WoW Shadowlands game has had a lot of changes, but the essence remains the same: level up, fight enemies, and chat with other players. The presence of Shadowlands is able to answer the mystery of how the world is after death, including the court of the afterlife. This expansion has an interesting feature, the Tower of The Damned which is where the evil souls are serving their sentences in the afterlife prison, Torghast. Armed with a guide World of Warcraft system requirements minimum, namely a computer with 4GB RAM, 100 GB HDD or SSD, DirectX 11, and Windows 64-bit, you can play this game without a hitch.

That’s a brief review World of Warcraft Shadowlands which will help you understand and enjoy the game. To make playing games even more exciting, make sure top up credit or buy game vouchers and diamonds through UniPin.

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