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EVOS Zeys Recommends Hero OP in Mobile Legends Season 24 Games

This OP Mobile Legends hero recommendation is suitable for push rank!

EVOS trainer Bjorn Ong (Zeys) regularly shares Ultimate Tier List recommendations to Mobile Legends fans. Here is a row of OP Mobile Legends heroes who entered META season 24 from EVOS Zeys.

You need to know that this is a fix for Ultimate Tier List Patch 1.6.66. Moonton launched a new patch with the start of a new season. Tank and Fighter users are quite benefited from the META patch update this time.

In patch 1.6.66 which was released on March 29, 2022, some heroes get Buff and Nerf. Rows of heroes who get Buffs in the latest Mobile Legends update are Hilda, Melissa and Martis.

While the heroes who get Nerf are Masha and Beatrix. Even though she has obtained Nerf, Masha is still a hero with a high Ban percentage in the Land of Dawn.

Based on information from EVOS Zeys, he explained through his Instagram account that the Ultimate Tier List was made from a collection of data from various MPL countries and pro players. EVOS Zeys shared META Hero recommendations based on patch 1.6.66.

It is based on data collection from various MPL countries & Pro players. This is needed to reach Mythical Glory & reach global rank quickly,” said EVOS Zeys.

When the image is enlarged, details will appear that need attention. The red SSS sign means that the hero must be picked up or banned. AA means Almost OP and BB means Almost Good. While the SS is the First Rotation Pick.

There is also type E which means Early Game hero type (strong damage in early game) or L (late game hero). The first column marked S of course contains a series of OP heroes who entered META this season.

The series of OP Mobile Legends heroes that entered META Season 24 a la EVOS Zeys are:

  • Junglers: Fanny, Ling, Baxia, Karina, Paquito, Lancelot, and Aulus.
  • Roamers: Masha, Selena, Mathilda, Hilda, Valentina, Khufra, Grock, and Angela.
  • Midlane (Support): Valentina, Yve, Kagura, Lylia, Cecilion, and Xavier.
  • Gold Lane (DPS): WanWan, Beatrix, Brody, Lunox, Popol Kupa, Clint, Karrie, and Kimmy.
  • XP Lane: Esmeralda, Paquito, Chou, Valentina, Yu Zhong, Gloo, Dyrroth, Grock, Uranus and Phoveus.

Hero Fighter and Semi Tank are in the spotlight this season. The ranks of heroes to watch out for (priority tires) are quite high in the legend rank, and the top ones are Valentina, Masha, Yin, Fanny, Selena, Cecilion and Estes.

Those are the recommendations for OP Mobile Legends heroes from EVOS Zeys who are entering META season 24. Interested in using these heroes for push rank?

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