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EVOS Legends gets a message from Clay ahead of the 2nd “El Clasico” Games

PRC Clay sent a message to EVOS Legends confirming that Wannn is on the roster and can be played in El Clasico MPL ID Season 9.

RRQ Hoshi again performed well in the seventh week, beating Alter Ego by a landslide, proving that Alter Ego is starting to improve its performance.

Clay and his friends will soon welcome their biggest match for the 2nd time in MPL Indonesia, namely El Clasico against. EVOS Legends.

Seeing the return of Wannn, it is possible that the EVOS mid lane will soon be filled by the mother’s child. Clay also sent a message to the EVOS Legend Team

Order Clay for Evos Legends before El Clasico 2 MPL season 9

In the post-match press conference between RRQ Hoshi and Alter Ego, Clay conveyed the message he wanted to convey to EVOS Legends.

Week 8 is the last week of MPL ID Season 9, which will definitively determine which team will advance to the upper bracket and the next playoffs.

Wannn’s presence came as no surprise to Clay. Because for him he will always fight back whatever midlaner Zeys will take down

He’s also not afraid to take on three active EVOS mid lane players. Of course, because RRQ players generally have a strong mindset, they will be well prepared later

“In my opinion, all three of them take down my opponent, it’s okay, just take down the strongest one,” said Clay.

The biggest match of MPL Indonesia is definitely eagerly awaited. Because the last Lemon played in the match against EVOS Legend. Obviously, Lemon would be waiting for revenge.

Currently EVOS Legends are still holding 1-0 in El Clasico MPL ID Season 9, can RRQ Hoshi be able to avenge them in the 2nd leg?

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