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Even though 10% tax applies, the price of steam games remains the same

Some time ago, gamers in Indonesia were panicked by a new policy whereby every purchase of an online item, which in this case includes digital games, will be subject to a 10% tax. The policy will be effective July 1, 2022 or today.

It is feared that the new policy will burden gamers who like to buy digital games, especially if the 10% tax is not included in the extra tax that players have to pay, for example when buying a Steam wallet.

However, it seems that this concern does not need to continue because it turns out that the new policy does not affect the price of games or in-game items on the Steam Store. Entering the Steam Summer Sale, gamers flocked to buy their favorite games as there was a big discount. And apparently, the price of games after and before the 10% tax policy from the Indonesian government remains the same. This means that the new price installed on the Steam Store includes a 10% tax for the government. So the price displayed on the Steam Store is as cheap and as expensive as anything, including the tax charged to gamers.


For now there is no indication that this new tax policy will burden players. However this is only for Steam. There is no further information whether a similar policy applies in other marketplaces.

So, for those of you who are looking for massive discounts during the Steam Summer Sale, you don’t have to worry about the tax burden anymore. By the way, how many rupiahs have you spent during the Steam Summer Sale?

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