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"Quantum Error" First Horror Survival Game on PS5

TeamKill Media has revealed the title of their first survival horror game that will be out on PS5 called Quantum Error. From the teaser trailer below, it looks like you’ll be taking on the role of a space firefighter, investigating a massacre at an industrial site (supposedly due to some sort of glitch with … quantum), on an alien planet.

No release date has been set by TeamKill for when Quantum Error will launch. It could be at the launch of the PS5 or it could be later for next year. What we do know is that Quantum Error is only a handful of titles confirmed for the PS5. This will be TeamKill’s second game, after Kings of Lorn 2022: The Fall of Ebris; a first-person, dark fantasy, survival-horror game for PC and PlayStation 4, with an Xbox One version.

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