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Epic Games Store Free NiOh Complete Edition

They still do the Epic Games Store routine. Routines that benefit gamers they continue to do without the slightest obstacle. Although basically this will drain the resources of Epic Games slowly.

Apart from the Epic Games Store which keeps getting new users for their platform. This time, they’re back to sharing one of the games for free for this week.

Epic Games Store free NiOh Complete Edition

Epic Games Store Free Nioh Complete Edition
NiOh | my box

The game that the Epic Games Store is free for this week is NiOh Complete Edition. NiOh itself is a souls-like game set in the year 1600 during the sengoku era where the yokai messed up the world.

Furthermore, NiOh has a gameplay that is almost similar to other souls-like games. Where has a fairly high difficulty and you are required to attack or dodge appropriately in order to complete various challenges.

A young man trained to be a samurai!

Epic Games Store Free Nioh Complete Edition
NiOh | PC Gamer

NiOh itself will tell the story of a man named William Adams who fled from enemy pursuit to Japan. This Irish man will later meet Tokugawa Ieyasu and his ninja, Hattori Hanzo and form an alliance to fight enemies, including the demons.

Well, from here the main character will train as a samurai and defeat his enemies. Apart from that, you can now claim NiOh for free on the Epic Games Store.

For those of you who are interested, you can visit the link following this. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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