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Elite Pass Free Fire (FF)

We can’t deny the popularity of Free Fire anymore. This game made by Garena has now reached 500 million downloads worldwide. Which most of the downloads of course come from Indonesia.

As we know, Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest Free Fire player base in the world. It’s no wonder that now you often see someone playing Free Fire anywhere.

This cannot be separated from Garena’s role, which basically provides content in the game. The content they provide is also quite diverse and liked by the players.

One of the most popular content in Free Fire itself is the battle pass system. However, in Free Fire, this subscription system is named Elite Pass. The Elite Pass system itself is like a Battle Pass in a game.

Talking about this, this time we will tell you everything you should know about the Elite Pass Free Fire. Curious? Elite Pass Free Fire? Check below.

Elite Pass Free Fire

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What is Elite Pass Free Fire

Elite Pass Free Fire
Elite Pass Free Fire | Youtube

Elite Pass Free Fire is the battle pass system of the game. In simple terms, the Elite Pass itself is a level-based system which allows players to get various items or exclusive items every time they level up.

To level up the Elite Pass, you can do several ways. Garena will later give you various missions to complete, from here you can level up your Elite Pass Free Fire.

The Elite Pass items are also very diverse. You can get weapons, characters, skins, emotes, bundles and much more. It’s no wonder that the Elite Pass is one of the best selling content on Free Fire.

Elite Pass Free or Not?

Elite Pass Free Fire 1 1
Elite Pass Free Fire | Daily spin

Can you get Elite Pass on Free Fire for free? Certainly not. Because it has prizes in the form of exclusive items, this Elite Pass is not free. To take part in the Elite Pass every season, you have to spend a little money and exchange it for a diamond.

But don’t worry, you can get diamonds in various ways. We will discuss how to get Free Fire diamonds for free in the next article.

Elite Pass Free Fire Start and End Date

Elite Pass Free Fire 1 2
Elite Pass Free Fire | RETUWIT

For those of you who don’t know, Elite Pass on Free Fire itself usually opens every 1st at 16.00 WIB. Then it will end in the following month on the same date and at the same time.

Every month this Elite Pass also changes and has attractive prizes that you can get. Don’t miss out on continuing to follow this Elite Pass because you will get exclusive items.

Elite Pass Free Fire subscription price

Elite Pass Free Fire 1
Elite Pass Free Fire | Upoint

We previously informed you that subscribing to the Elite Pass on Free Fire is not free. Then approximately what is the price of the Elite Pass itself? Well, you have two options here. The Elite Pass is divided into two variants, namely Elite Pass and Elite Bundle.

To buy the Elite Pass you need 500 diamonds. Meanwhile, the Elite Bundle itself has a normal price of 1500 diamonds, but usually it will be reduced to only 999 diamonds.

Elite Pass Free Fire variant

Elite Pass Free Fire
Elite Pass Free Fire | Youtube

For now, it is known that the Elite Pass has two types that you can choose from. The first is the regular Elite Pass at a price of 500 Free Fire diamonds. Then the second one is called the Bundle Elite Pass which is priced higher, which is around 999 diamonds.

Elite Pass Free Fire important?

Elite Pass Free Fire 1 3

For those of you Free Fire players, of course, you already know that the Elite Pass is very important, especially for the Free Fire game. The exclusive items in the Elite Pass are a character and a pet.

Well, these characters and pets are very influential in Free Fire. It even has its own skills and privileges. With this, you will be more confident in a game and can easily get booyah.

Season Elite Pass Free Fire

Elite Pass Free Fire Hello

As we know, the Elite Pass itself keeps changing every month on Free Fire. This makes the Elite Pass keep changing seasons almost every month. Therefore, until now there are many Elite Pass seasons on Free Fire.

Of course with a variety of different types almost every month. For now, at the time of this writing, the Elite Pass on Free Fire has entered its 37th season since it was first launched.

How to get Free Fire Elite Pass for Free

Elite Pass Free Fire 0

In the following article, we will discuss how to get the Elite Pass Free Fire for free for all of you. This will certainly be very helpful for those of you who don’t have the income or money to subscribe to the Elite Pass Free Fire.

Now, That’s Everything You Need to Know About Elite Pass Free Fire. You can still subscribe to the Elite Pass Free Fire and get exclusive prizes in the game. Are you interested in subscribing to the battle pass?

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