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Elden Ring Announced This Week?

Rumors and leaks related to the Elden Ring have continued to surface in the past year. Especially when we look at FromSoftware’s capabilities with Sekiro Shadows Die Twice in 2022.

The good news is, after the great success of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, FromSoftware is rumored to be returning to mix games with the same theme. It’s no wonder that fans’ curiosity about the game can’t be stopped.

Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest project

Elden Ring Announced This Week

This game called Elden Ring has indeed been confirmed to be in development. However, further information regarding the latest project from Hidetaka Miyazaki is quite difficult for us to get.

Apart from the Elden Ring, which has only appeared as a few teasers. Even though FromSoftware and Microsoft have opted to remain silent, the internet is doing the opposite.

Various leaks and rumors continue to appear regarding the Elden Ring. This time there is news that says that the Elden Ring will be revealed this week, to be precise through the Summer Game Fest 2022 event.

Elden Ring appearing at Summer Game Fest?

This news itself comes from the latest Tweet posting from Geoff Keighley as the organizer of the Summer Game Fest. Past Tweethe posted a video showing a panda trying to climb out.

This video is also said to refer to Geoff’s status, who was imprisoned or locked up by fans because of the hype that woke up at The Game Awards 2022. However, now the panda is free and so is Geoff Keighley because he has the latest information from the game.

Then, this news was also shared by a well-known gaming journalist – Jeff Grubb. But again we need to remind that this is just a rumor at this time. There has been no confirmation from FromSoftware or Bandai Namco as the publisher.

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