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Easy Win! These are 5 Tips for Using Grock Mobile Legends

One of the strongest Tank heroes in Mobile Legends is Grock. Grock himself is a mainstay because of his ability to deal high damage and a great defense.

Well, for those of you who don't know how to use this Tank hero, here are some tips for using Grock Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

Must-Know! These are Tips for Using Grock Mobile Legends

You can get Grock itself by exchanging 32,000 BP or 599 Diamonds, so make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top up first to have this hero. If you already have this hero, you can immediately follow the following tips.

1. Understand all Grock's Skills

The first tip before you use Grock's hero is to understand Grock's skills first. Well, here is an explanation of Grock's skills:

Passive Skill (Earthen Force): When near a wall or turret, Grock will gain additional Movement Speed, Physical Defense, and HP Regen.

Skill 1 (Power of Nature): Grock will charge and at some point will rotate his weapon to deal damage to enemies around him. In addition to dealing damage, this skill will also give a Slow effect to the opponent. When Grock uses this skill near a wall or turret, he will be immune to the opponent's Crowd Control effect.

Skill 2 (Guardian's Barrier): Grock will issue a Shockwave to the specified location. The shockwave will become a Stone Wall that can hold the opponent for a while.

Skill 3 (Wild Charge): Grock runs in the specified direction. If it hits a wall or turret, it will deal Physical Damage and stun them for a while.

2. Take advantage of Grock's Passive Skill

The next tip for those of you who want to use this Tank hero is to take advantage of Grock's passive skills. As previously explained, Grock has a very useful passive skill.

Grock's passive skill will get him additional Movement Speed, Physical/Magical Defense, and HP Regen. You can also combine this passive skill with the Power of Nature skill so that Grock has a strong defense against the opponent's Crowd Control hero.

If you can maximize Grock's passive skill and Power of Nature skill, then it will be easier for you to mess up your opponent's defense.

3. Become an Initiator for Team Members

Being the initiator for team members is the next tip that you can apply when using Grock. With the combination of Grock's passive skill and Power of Nature (Skill 1) skill, it will be easy for him to go in and out of battle without fear of being eliminated by the opponent.

Therefore, Grock is one of the strongest Initiator heroes in Mobile Legends . So when using Grock, make sure you always pave the way for other team members.

4. Don't be afraid to die!

When playing using the Tank hero, then you should never be afraid to die. It is the duty of a Tank to make sacrifices so that the other team members are not killed. You must be able to keep your teammates from being killed by your opponent.

If you are afraid to die, it will be difficult for your teammates to help you carry out the attack. Therefore, don't you ever be afraid to die when using a Tank hero.

5. Use the Right Grock Build

The last tip for those of you who want to play Grock is to understand the right build item for the Grock hero. Grock himself can use damage builds or full tanks which make him stronger in battle.

Of course you need to use a Grock build that is in accordance with the battles and opponents you face in order to maximize the use of this Tank hero.

Those are some tips for using Grock Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game. 

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