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Easy Ways to Top Up/Buy PES Mobile Coins for Beginners

If you are a fan of soccer games, you must have played the PES game (Pro Evolution Soccer). Besides being present in the form of PC or console games, PES is also present in the form of mobile games, especially through the PES Mobile game.

As players, we can play PES Mobile for free. But when we want to increase the strength of our team, sometimes we need coins. We will use PES Mobile coins to purchase players, especially special players.

So, how do you buy coins/top up the PES Mobile game? We will discuss this in this article.

About PES Mobile Coin

The main function of PES coins is to buy players, especially special players (present in certain events). However, players can actually still buy players using GP (points) in PES Mobile. Especially when making player purchases via box draw or regular agent on PES Mobile.

But sometimes it takes a long time for us to get enough coins to buy players. Once a player buys using GP, it takes 25,000 points. For that, as an alternative we can top up PES Mobile to fill our PES coins.
PES Mobile special player

How to Buy PES Mobile Coins for Android

For those of you who play PES Mobile on Android, there are many ways to pay top up that you can use. Some examples of payment methods that you can use, for example: paying using credit, using a debit/credit card, paying via Indomaret/Alfamart, or various other payment methods.

If you want it to be practical and easy, you can also top up using a Google Play voucher. You can use Google Play vouchers to easily top up various Android games, including PES Mobile games. Here are the steps to buy PES Mobile coins using a Google Play voucher.

  1. First determine the nominal top up you want. Because this nominal will affect the amount of the Google Play voucher that you need to buy.
  2. After knowing the nominal top up, immediately buy a Google Play voucher. You can buy Google Play vouchers at
  3. Make a purchase of a Google Play voucher first. If you buy through UniPin, you can buy and pay for Google Play vouchers easily. Can pay using credit, use transfer virtual account (bank), use e-walletand various other payment methods.
    buy Google Play vouchers
  4. After successfully purchasing a Google Play voucher, you will get a voucher code that will be sent to your email.
  5. Now enter the PES Mobile game, then go to the coin purchase menu. Decide which coins to buy.
    PES Mobile coin nominal
  6. Next, a Google Play payment option will appear, you can choose an option redeem code (change code). Then just enter the Google Play voucher code that you bought.
    redeem google play vouchers
  7. Then you just have to pay and you can get PES Mobile coins immediately. Later the coins can be immediately used to purchase players in the games you are playing.

If for example there is a balance that is more than the result of exchanging a Google Play voucher, the balance will be in the Google Play account. You can use this balance to top up various other games, to buy games on the Play Store, or to shop on Google Play.

How to Top Up PES Mobile iOS

If Android users can use Google Play vouchers, then PES Mobile players on iOS can also use iTunes Gift Cards. iTunes Gift Cards this can be used to top up your Apple ID balance. The Apple ID balance can also be used to top up various games on the App Store, including the PES Mobile game.

Read also: Easy Ways to Buy Games on the App Store Using iTunes Gift Cards.

Besides iTunes Gift Cards, of course there are also various other payment methods in the App Store. For example, using a credit/debit card. But for those who don’t have a credit/debit card, of course you can use it iTunes Gift Cards. iTunes Gift Cards you can buy in various places. One of them can buy iTunes Gift Card on UniPin.

So that’s a guide to buying PES Mobile coins easily. Good luck and happy gaming!

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