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Easy to Beat! These are the 5 Best Carmilla Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends

Carmilla is one of the best Support heroes in Mobile Legends. With his ability, he can easily mess up the opponent's defense. Therefore, it takes the right hero counter to overcome Carmilla Mobile Legends.

There are so many heroes that can be used to counter Carmilla Mobile Legends. Well, here are the best heroes to counter Carmilla Mobile Legends according to we. So for those of you who want to know, just read this article to the end!

Hero Recommendations for Counter Carmilla Mobile Legends

Here are the heroes that you can use to counter Carmilla Mobile Legends. But to get these heroes, make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top-up first.

Because to have these heroes, you are required to exchange a number of Diamonds or Battle Points.

1. Diggie

The first hero that you can use to counter Carmilla Mobile Legends is Diggie. As we know, Diggie has the ability to remove the Crowd Control effect from Carmilla.

With this ability, Diggie can easily help team members release Carmilla's skill effects when there is a war or teamfight.

2. Chou

One of the strongest Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use to counter Carmilla is Chou. As we know, Chou is often a counter hero for other heroes.

Chou is also equipped with deadly skills that make him one of the best Crowd Control heroes in Mobile Legends . Therefore, using Chou as a counter Carmilla is the right choice.

3. Kaja

The next hero that you can use to counter Carmilla Mobile Legends is Kaja. This Hero Fighter can deal very painful Magic Damage to Carmilla.

Moreover, Kaja's Crowd Control ability is very deadly, he can kidnap Carmilla to be killed with the team members. By using Kaja, Carmilla would not be able to move freely.

4. Karrie

Because Carmilla usually uses builds that make her HP thick, then Karrie is the best counter for that. As we know, Karrie is a Marksman hero who is able to destroy the opponent's armor easily.

With that ability, it would be easy for Karrie to finish off Carmilla. Moreover, with the support of the right Karrie build , of course it will be easy for you to kill Carmilla.

5. Pharsa

The next hero you can use to counter Carmilla is Pharsa. This Hero Mage does have a wide attack area and deadly damage, so it is very reliable to counter Carmilla.

With Pharsa, Carmilla will find it difficult to get into the team's defense. Moreover, Pharsa is equipped with a very annoying Crowd Control skill. Therefore, using Pharsa for Carmilla counters is the right choice.

Well, those are some of the best heroes for Carmilla Mobile Legends counters that you can use in the game. Do you think there is your favorite hero or not?

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