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Due to License Conflict, EA Forced to Pull Maradona from FIFA Mobile!

Through the latest announcement, it seems that EA has responded to the latest news between FIFA Mobile and Diego Maradona.

The developer seems to have failed to reach an agreement with the former footballer.

This makes Maradona no longer present in the console and mobile versions of the Fifa game. For the first time in FIFA history, a player as big as Maradona will be absent from the game due to licensing issues.

This legality problem occurred due to the struggle over the trademark and Maradona’s photo between the company owned by Maradona’s former manager and Maradona’s children.

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This struggle makes EA no longer able to use Maradona’s Photos and trademarks.

Reported from gaming phone“Due to legal issues with third parties, we have had to suspend Diego Maradona from appearing in the FIFA Ultimate Team Packs, Ultimate Draft, and Soccer Aid World XI team. Therefore, the Diego Maradona ICON item will also no longer be available in the Pack. We share the disappointment of the fans and hope to bring the best footballer in at some point.”

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