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Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 PS2 Cheats Indonesia!

Dragon Ball is one of the best Manga in the world. The popularity of Dragon Ball continues to grow rapidly to this day. Since long ago, Dragon Ball has been adapted into many games.

Including Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi as one of the best choices. This Budokai Tenkaichi has accompanied the fans for almost two decades. In fact, this series is still very present in the Dragon Ball community.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi is a game adapted directly from the Dragon Ball manga. In this series, you can also use a cheat code like in Dragon Ball games in general.

This time, Halogame will share this collection of Budokai Tenkaichi Cheat Codes for you. Curious? Cheats Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 PS2 English! Check below.

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Cheat Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Android 18 ( level 160 )NzEr vcJO )Jlv [email protected]@Wf hOIl $ABQ &@CG
Baby Vegeta ( level 160 )ny!c Zp!! mVLg [email protected]$DOL hE(m ZQEK [email protected])!
Bardock (level 160)pB%V txNK @mXL rGvzeBSU TjFV gAti pXNK
Broly (level 160)xGM$ (PAX -ypv Zcp#aOjO m*Ve [email protected] PExH
Frieza ( level 160 )Ovc- kP-f jfj! iwQvVcNK AAbY PPu* ?KVI
Garlic Jr (Level 160)E!pJ @&+F HrOV x?$ylUrX LtJM AbfR [email protected]
Gohan (level 160)@on% Tp*jh%%& arX*acG$ Iw+% OilB #eWU
Goku (level 160)(fET BYbM sfY+ TdW&A+*a E)ft y+Uh iggw
Hirudegarn ( level 160 )T*l gKAM GKAj LCRTwSUF *%Ea jjWb HWUM
Janemba ( level 160 )qpmQ eCON vtya mwM(Z#*B lZ-o SvoI [email protected]
Kid Gohan ( Level 160 )Fenf @Jfh tUZX *cBJGjaq QKeq %kDp $yc?
Kid Goku ( level 160 )%XYN )p(X [email protected] v)fLjC$X fOFM wGFp msJ-
Majin Vegeta ( level 160 )MG&k f#ds PNwD +S&SaNUv &FI% lCsC p+HK
Meta-Cooler (level 160 )u!hR +yp N(?F kxT!!$xt GpCB -hXb Flh+
Pans (level 160 )MRl? [email protected]@ L%yd [email protected] sLDs (yon pi+*
Pikkon ( level 160 )E!HG #-qY KWbN AVFK!Gnp W(Rj KIsd -t*M
SS4 Goku (level 160)DX)b&iF? bGQs XsCxBtiO VyX) w!mk CpTK
SS4 Vegeta (level 160)Yi?o XhZb [email protected] uPO#x)AD Yr$X (CyI moMr
Super 17 ( level 160 )!oed IS-v NaOz H-#rUFvZ HkEU ypcm Tdzk
Syn-shenron (level 160)N*u* ?KTD WaB$ H&+jgj)* k+NN kNRy h%*R
Tapion (level 160 )!Vjs GBBF SGc* qxQLw-M% sH)d QjSL QlWd
Ten Gohan ( level 160 )+((DefKl AmEk *Xro%oMu BUEe sdXe alCD
Tien (level 160)mt!x H$e? quEI %$zAR(jA co%y [email protected] #nVB
Trunks (level 160)vlLB qLDA NTHD @TPaIjED FjY! my hp ySQI
Truns With Sword ( Level 160 )FixJ Rd-R NkBA Zn?E?uTZ ZDmI UbBp TgI+
Turles ( level 160 )CvZG nbNb GspW XcXoLAsY %tw- [email protected] &erw
Ultimate Gohan ( level 160 )gQVg )Gvl vDFX VStxiptI &&wb eNZQ pCVh
Vegeta ( second from – level 160 )etap #$dw syrL sprtG)+Q SygK yMvY gwmn
Videl ( level 160 )!auD jzHS vDTG )EUwyfwq eLwu einy zdXm

Now, That’s the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi Cheat 2. This game was first launched in 2006 ago. Even though it is quite old, Budokai Tenkaichi still exists today because it has very exciting gameplay when played.

sources: IGN

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