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Don't worry! This is the X-Borg Mobile Legends Counter Hero Row! Games

The appearance of the X-Borg hero in the ranks of the role fighter managed to surprise the players in Mobile Legends. The reason is with the various skills it has, X-Borg becomes a pretty scary hero because it can give true damage that is very painful even for tanks.

Not infrequently a team that uses X-Borg can win. As a result, this hero has also become a subscription to being banned in ranked matches in the Epic to Myhtic tiers. Even though if used correctly, there are quite a lot of very effective X-Borg hero counters. Anything hero the? Here’s a row of counter heroes X-Borg Mobile Legends.

1. Esmeralda

It is possible, of course, that Esmeralda is one of the top pick heroes for the current EXP Laner position. Her Ultimate Skill that can absorb the opponent’s shield makes Esmeralda so sustainable as an offlaner.

But that’s not what makes him a counter to X.Borg. But Esmeralda has skill one that makes her agile and can avoid bursts of fire from X-Borg. In addition, Esmeralda can certainly shorten the distance easily to X.Borg which is famous for relying on range.

2. Chou

Chou is one of the heroes who has the most annoying crowd control in Mobile Legends. Therefore Chou can be the most suitable counter for X-Borg. With the agility of skills one and two, he was able to approach X.Borg quite easily.

The stun effect produced by Chou is also quite long, plus this hero has a fairly high mobility alias agile so that he can avoid the pursuit of X-Borg. Plus the passive that makes basic attacks hurt so you can pay off the X.Borg armor.

3. Kimmy

Kimmy and X-Borg are heroes who both can issue skills while moving. To deal with X-Borg, it is highly recommended to use Kimmy to use the Ice Queen Wand item so that X.Borg’s movements are slower.

In addition, X, Borg will certainly find it difficult to hit his 1st skill to Kimmy because this hero has a superior range and is more agile than X.Borg. Skill 2 from Kimmy can also shorten the distance between you and X.Borg.

4. Gusion

Gusion is a Hero who is also less popular lately, but still this hero can be a counter hero of X-Borg too. But for the Gusion combo to work, you have to avoid X-Borg while in Firaga mode Armor.

Because, the damage produced by the Gusion combo will not go directly to X-Borg’s body. But it can be used to repay or remove the armor first. Because of that, Gusion could really be a nightmare for X.Borg.

5. Hayabusa

If X-Borg has issued the other skill, you can take advantage of the combo of Hayabusa Quad Shadow with skill 1, Phantom Shuriken. Yes, this skill can be used to install armor from X-Borg.

If the armor has been removed, you just have to go back to the shadow of skill 2 near X.Borg and then launch the Shadow Kill skill to finish him off.

So those are some heroes that you can choose to be counters for X.Borg in EXP Lane. What do you think? Do you agree with the list of heroes above?

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