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Don't just play, first identify the advantages and disadvantages of Ford Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the games which is widely played by modern society today. Besides looking for fun, playing Free Fire can also help you get rupiah coffers, you know. Take a competition for example.

As a player, you are free to determine which character you will use. Among the available characters, Ford Free Fire look classy in Navy costumes. For those of you who want to play this character, first check the advantages and disadvantages to the tricks to play Free Fire for beginners. Here’s the full review.

Ford Free Fire: Look Strong in Navy Costumes

ford free fire will smith

In website Officially Free Fire, Ford is described as a black male figure who looks dashing wearing a Navy costume. Born on January 23, this 31 year old man is known as a strong and tenacious person. The Will of Iron is skills Ford Free Fire which serves to reduce damage that Ford received outside its safe zone.

In order to maximize skills Ford, players need to get fragment which can be used toupgrade his strength. Here are the benefits that Ford will get when he successfully opens level 1 to level 8.

  • Level 1: reduce damage out of zone by 4%
  • Level 2: reduce damage out of zone by 8%
  • Level 3: reduce damage out of zone by 12%
  • Level 4: reduce damage out of zone by 16%
  • Level 5: get a Ford uniform when you become a cadet
  • Level 6: reduce damage out of zone by 20%
  • Level 7: Ford’s achievements
  • Level 8: reduce damage out of zone by 24%

Ford Character Advantages

Talking about Ford’s strengths, this character is the easiest to use, even for beginners. Ford is also suitable for playing in late games. Its main strength is reducing damage outside the safe zone up to 24%. If you are the type of player who often dies due to forgetting to log in safe zonecharacter Ford Free Fire could be the answer.

Disadvantages of Ford Free Fire

Compared to its advantages, Ford is considered to have many shortcomings. This is what makes players reluctant to use this one character. Here’s the full explanation.

  1. Scaling skillsit is considered not good because it can only lower damage receive at most 24%. Skills it can indeed reduce damage, but the condition becomes ineffective if Ford is attacked by enemies who are in safe zone while he was outside safe zone.
  2. Less flexible because they don’t have much combo character.
  3. Skills Ford Free Fire can only be activated outside safe zonewhile while playing inside safe zone often considered not to have skills.
  4. Difficult to attack the enemy due to skills which is not adequate.

Tricks to Play Free Fire for Beginners

ford free fire skills

After knowing the ins and outs of the character Ford Free Fireyou also need to know how to play well in Free Fire, especially for beginners.

1. Know the Character You Use

The first trick is to find out how the nature of the character you play. As an illustration, check out some of the advantages of the following Free Fire characters.

  1. Misha: drive 2% faster
  2. Ford: 4% lower damage when you are outside safe zone
  3. Nikita: me-reload submachine gun 4% faster
  4. Kelly: do sprint 1% faster
  5. Andrew: reduce fragility vest as much as 2%

later skills will increase if the playerupgrade the character.

2. Choose a Quiet Place to Land

If it’s the first time you jump into the field to fight, you should choose a quiet place to land. The goal is to avoid wars that can kill your character even if you’ve been equipped with the best items.

3. Choose an Easy-to-Use Weapon

Trying all the available weapons is not a problem. But remember, each weapon has its own level of difficulty. Instead of spending time figuring out how to operate a weapon, it’s better to use the easiest weapon.

Some types of weapons that are suitable for beginners are

  1. Scar: besides being easy, the ability of this weapon is considered deadly so it is often referred to as the second Groza.
  2. MP5: after getting a new Buff, MP5 becomes quite deadly Meta.
  3. M1014: if fired at close range, damage given the AMW equivalent.
  4. Spas 12: Same as M1014, Spas 12 will be more effective if used to shoot enemies at close range.
  5. XM8: as long as you can use it properly, damage results are quite satisfactory.

4. Pay attention scope Before Shooting

Before aiming at the target, make sure your weapon is on target. To find out, take a look at the scope. scope will display red when the target is within range. When making a shot, most likely the bullet will hit the target.

5. Always Pay Attention to Mini Folder When Playing

Mini folder is one of the keys to winning the game. Therefore you must regularly pay attention to mini folder to know where the enemy is. When an opponent uses his weapon, his current location will be displayed on the mini map. In addition, other functions of mini folder is to notify the existence of a safe zone.

6. Beware of the Danger Zone

When too late in the game, usually players tend to ignore their current location. The situation will be serious if your character plays in the danger zone.

If you force to beat the enemy outside the safe zone, it is very likely that your character will be killed because enemy attacks received outside the safe zone can consume HP quickly.

7. Good at Driving Vehicles

The last tip is to be good at driving a vehicle. Free Fire provides a number of vehicles that players can use to change locations when playing in the game maps broad. The risk is driving a vehicle while fighting will be seen as conspicuous to the enemy due to his noisy voice.

If you want to be safe, you should use a vehicle when there is a war around you. That way you won’t attract much attention.

That’s the information regarding the character Ford Free Fire complete with tricks to play Free Fire for beginners. Hope it helps, eh.

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